Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Boom! Gaza Attacked Israel Yesterday. Here we go again...

Yes, if anyone had been taking bets on how long the latest in a long series of "ceasefires" with Hamas Gaza Arab terrorists would last, it's over. Yesterday, Gaza attacked Israel.
The IDF has confirmed that a rocket was launched from Gaza at approximately 6:30pm on Tuesday. The rocket landed in the Eshkol Region.
no injuries or damage has been reported.
The rocket siren did not go off.
This would be the first confirmed violation of the ceasefire since Operation Protective Edge ended.
Hamas claims they don’t know of any rocket that were launched today. They also initially claimed to have had no connection to the kidnapping of the 3 boys in Gush Etzion in June, until they finally admitted that they did it. (Jewish Press)
And in a strange turn of events, they actually found and arrested the rogue rocket-launchers.
Hamas authorities in the Gaza Strip arrested the militants who launched a mortar at southern Israel on Tuesday evening, Israel Radio quoted a senior defense official as saying.
Israel made clear to Hamas that if it did not take swift action against those responsible for firing the mortar, the IDF would need to enter the picture, according to Israel Radio.
Hamas told mediators that it was interested in preserving the cease-fire and that it apprehended those responsible for the mortar.
Defense sources told Israel Radio that Hamas moved quickly to arrest the perpetrators because the organization is "disturbed by the situation." (Jerusalem Post)
Does this mean that the Hamas leadership wants "peace?" Is it "good news" or is the quick arrest something to make us suspicious?

  • Since the arrest of those who allegedly launched the rocket was speedy, maybe the authorities did know in advance?
  • Since the arrest of those who allegedly launched the rocket was speedy, maybe the suspects didn't do it.
  • Since the arrest of those who allegedly launched the rocket was speedy, maybe they'll be quickly released or held under very comfy conditions.
Read this recent post on the IDF Blog about Hamas, and you'll be suspicious, too.
Hamas Reveals Jihadi Character on Arabic Twitter Account
Though Hamas denies being linked to Islamic fundamentalism when it is speaks to a western audience, it uses different language on its official Twitter account in Arabic. The Twitter account shows how Hamas draws its and ideology from the same sources as ISIS in Iraq and Syria. The difference in speech from English to Arabic
On its English twitter account, Hamas’ Islamist character is played down. The terrorist organization publishes more reserved statements such as, “The Palestinian people are committed to their right to their land, to defend themselves and to lift the siege imposed on Gaza,” (although there are some notable exceptions to this “moderation.”)
However, on its Arabic twitter account, Hamas reveals its Jihadist nature by issuing far more virulent statements, such as:
“We will not rest until Palestine is free … We are not tired nor weary, and we’ll continue on the path of Jihad with the help of God. “
(complete article)

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