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Friday, September 5, 2014

ISIS = Hamas = Fatah = Naziism = Threat to World Peace, and The World We Know Today

ISIS = Hamas = Fatah

That's the simple equation. It's very simple arithmetic. And that means that if you let Fatah survive and thrive you will still have the threat of ISIS which has been bragging about executing innocent western journalists.

But international movers and shakers, the United Nations, Europe, The United States and even Israel have no compunctions about branding Fatah as moderate. Do I know something they don't? Honestly, I don't think so. They must know what is in all the news media that Fatah and Hamas are allied together. It's no secret. The big questions are:
Why isn't the "free world" taking the alliance of Fatah and Hamas seriously?
Why is the "free world" willing to accept and promote terror organizations which attack Israel?
If you see smoke and flames coming out of your car engine, wouldn't you quickly jump out of the car?

Why does everyone, including many Israelis insist that we find a way to "make peace" with the same Arabs who want to destroy us? Why do they keep on ignoring the publicly stated aims of Fatah/Hamas?

We should add the PLO to the equation, because it, too, is part of the terrorists' deception.
Abbas' Presidential decree changesPA Ministry of Prisoners' Affairsto PLO Authority of Prisoners' Affairs Now the PA won't be using US and EU money directlyto pay salaries to terrorist prisoners, but will use US and EU money indirectly to pay terrorist prisoners, by channeling it through the PLO
All Arab terrorists organizations are the same. Whether Fatah, ISIS, Hamas or the PLO, they are brutal terrorists aiming to take over the world. The ISIS murders and beheadings are only a preview of what they have planned for the world.

Next Stop Europe

It won't placate any of them to be given Israel. It will only increase their appetite and confidence.

I look at the "Never again" lesson from the Holocaust as how the world, even many Jews, ignored all of the early steps the Nazis took against the German Jewish population. It was no secret that Jews were suddenly forbidden to study in certain schools, work in certain places and even sit on certain benches. This "discrimination" quickly escalated to murder in the streets and being forced into ghettos and then concentration aka death camps.

FDR didn't protest that it was immoral to discriminate against, segregate and then murder Jews. And I consider Obama's condemnation of Jewish building in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria as directly connected to FDR's tacit support of the Nazis.

Remember that American Government's Isolationism prevented him from defending Europe from the Nazi invasion until it considered the United States in danger.
As tensions rose in Europe over Nazi Germany’s aggressive maneuvers, Congress pushed through a series of Neutrality Acts, which served to prevent American ships and citizens from becoming entangled in outside conflicts.
Remember that the world is enamored with the PLO and Fatah. The so-called "free world" dreams of establishing a Palestinian State. And if that new Arab state attacks and invades Israel and is set to destroy it, nobody will care.  We shouldn't expect anyone to rescue us. They will be too busy defending themselves from ISIS.


Sammy Finkelman said...


Qatar = al Jazeera = Saudi Arabia = Abu Dhabi = ISIS = Hamas = Fatah = Naziism = Threat to World Peace, and The World We Know Today"

Sammy Finkelman said...

And maybe Turkey, too, at the moment.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Hamas and ISIS are offshoots of the Modelm brotehrhood, which is supported by Qatar and used to be supported by Saudi Arabi which now supports similar, rival groups.

Fatah belongs to the secular Pan Arab groups that also are supported by Saudi Arabia, which supports what Abu Dhabi does, but no new secular groups have been formed since the 1980s - they are all Islamist.