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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Just Their First Time in Shiloh?

I've been living in Shiloh for thirty-three years already. Shiloh is on the map. It's in the Center of Israel. We're a half hour from Jerusalem and a half hour from the Tzomet Yarkon, which is next to Peatach Tikvah. And we're ten minutes from the Alon Road, meaning the Jordan Valley.

But for many Israelis we could be on the moon. That's how close, convenient and safe they think the trip is to Shiloh.

This afternoon as I walked down from my house to Shiloh Hakedumah, Tel Shiloh for the Tiffillat Chana, Annual Chana's Pray event which draws thousands of women from all over Israel, I spotted a few women picniking, ok sitting on the curb and noshing just a few steps from the turn which is a minute's walk from the Tel. They asked me how far it was to the site of the event. I answered.
"One minute." 
They were shocked, since they were under the impression it was a long walk. I spoke to them for a few minutes. It ends up that it was their first time in Shiloh. What shocked me the most was that some of the women lived all of ten minutes by car from Shiloh in Ariel.

I ended up speaking to other women who told me that it was also their first visit. Nobody came from very far.

I hope that they'll all come again and that this wonderful event will bring more and more women from all over the world to Shiloh.

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