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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Dangers of Rebuilding Gaza

Reuters has an article up claiming that to rebuild Gaza it will cost $7.8 billion.
(Reuters) - Rebuilding Gaza will cost $7.8 billion, the Palestinian Authority said on Thursday, in the most comprehensive assessment yet of damage from a seven-week war with Israel during which whole neighborhoods and vital infrastructure were flattened.
I just think of the tons and tons and tons of cement Israel had so blithely allowed into Gaza these past few years, which the Gazan had used to construct advanced, sophisticated tunnels from all the way into Jewish communities. These tunnels have been used for kidnapping and terror attacks. This has been going on for years. Gilad Schalit was taken away by tunnel, which is why he couldn't be found.

During the "war," loony Leftists on Israeli TV fantasized about a "Marshall Plan" for Gaza that we would offer, so the Gazans would be as grateful to Israel as the West Germans were to the USA after World War Two.

Of course, nobody bothered to remind them what happened to the potentially money-making "Gush Katif" style hot-houses that had been bought for them after Disengagement to enable them to establish a high-tech agriculture industry. The Gazans, even those who for years had worked for Jewish farmers and knew perfectly well how to farm in the same advanced, money-making way couldn't be bothered to establish businesses. The main Gazan business is terrorism.

Accuracy and truth aren't high in the aims of the press and NGO's that report about Gaza. Due to the photography techniques I've been learning as part of 52Frames, I have no doubt that the Reuters picture in this post was doctored, just like the changes I made to the following photo:



The descriptions of the damage are also highly exaggerated:
"The attack on Gaza this time had no precedent, Gaza has been hit with a catastrophe and it needs immediate help because many things can't wait long," Mohammed Shtayyeh, a Palestinian economist and a senior member of the West Bank's dominant Fatah* party, told reporters in Ramallah.
Besides the American atomic bombs on Japan, the Germans damaged London more seriously and the allies certainly destroyed a lot more of Nazi Europe during WWII than Israel did to Gaza.

BBC History
Photo: Winston Churchill inspecting bomb damage in Battersea, South London, 10 September 1940. (Getty Images)

But facts aren't necessary for those reporting on Israel and her enemies.

In all honesty, and what I'm going to say is definitely not "pc," politically correct, as far as I'm concerned, Gaza should remain as unlivable as possible. UNRWA should be closed down. Let people escape to any country other than Israel. The United Nations, Europe, the NGOs etc. must stop supporting them. There never was a country called Gaza. Their "independence" and self-governing is a new modern and terribly dangerous phenomenon.

Without the massive foreign funding Gaza will lose its punch. That must be the aim. Rebuilding Gaza will just increase terrorism and be the wrong lesson to ISIS.

*Please note that the spokesperson is from the so-called moderate Fatah and not from Hamas.


Hadassa said...

Rebuilding = rearming, anything more said is details.

Anonymous said...

Whether anyone thinks that what happened in Gaza was right or wrong, the result is that there is (supposedly, if one were to believe the Arabs) little left salvaging in Gaza. It makes no sense to rebuild it there just to have the same problems that existed before the war. Resettle them in Sinai as offered by Egypt or repatriate them to Jordan, the Palestinian homeland. Leave Gaza desolate, as far as I am concerned - just don't restore the conditions that led to this war.

Batya said...

Hadassa, sadly 100% true.
a, amen