Sunday, September 28, 2014

If Fatah's Abbas is Moderate, then...

Please complete this line:
If Fatah's Abbas is Moderate, then...
Considering that not only European countries, the United Nations, the USA and even most Israeli politicians tout Fatah head Mahmoud Abbas as a "moderate," we should listen carefully to what he's saying about Israel, "peace," etc.
On Friday, Mahmoud Abbas said that without a “firm timetable” in place to end the Israeli presence in Gaza and the West Bank, there’s no value in continuing peace talks. (Jerusalem Post)
And here's from Reuters:
Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said in a statement that Abbas' speech made clear that the Palestinian president does not "want and cannot be a partner for any logical diplomatic solution."
"It isn't for nothing that Abu Mazen is in a joint government with Hamas, Abu Mazen complements Hamas with his political terrorism and storytelling against Israel," said Lieberman, referring to Abbas by his nickname.
Abbas said on Friday it was "impossible" to return to a cycle of negotiations with no substance.
"There is no meaning or value in negotiations for which the agreed objective is not ending the Israeli occupation and achieving the independence of the State of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital on the entire Palestinian Territory occupied in the 1967 war," Abbas said.
"There is no value in negotiations which are not linked to a firm timetable for the implementation of this goal," he said.

It was an awful mistake for Israel to have agreed to negotiate for a "Palestinian State." It had been clear to me from the start that we would end up in a dilemma like this. We, the State of Israel, created this monster and destroying it will be difficult and painful.

Abbas has no plans to share any land or guarantee Israel's security and continued existance. And for sure there aren't any foreign powers that care more for Israeli security than creating a new Arab country called Palestine.

From Abbas's PA TV:
Islam-based hate speech on PA TV:Jews are "most evil among creations,""barbaric apes, wretched pigs" 

We must stop dreaming and take difficult and unpopular steps to cease all negotiations and rescind the "two state solution."

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