Monday, September 15, 2014

Bibi, Connect the Dots! If Hamas is Like ISIS, Then Fatah is, Too!

Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas (AFP) -
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I totally agree with our Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu's words about the connection of Hamas to ISIS (Islamic State.) What I don't understand is the fact that Bibi refuses to connect the dots and admit that his erstwhile "peace-partner," Fatah is allied with Hamas, therefore also the same as ISIS.

This has me very seriously, yes, totally worried.

PM Netanyahu addresses 
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There's nothing like Netanyahu's speeches, well crafted, powerfully delivered to express whatever message he thinks is most important. He is a writer and performer par excellence, among the best of all international political/diplomatic personalities of today. Unlike other international leaders he doesn't need a staff of acting and speech coaches and discreet teleprompters to perform convincingly.

Unfortunately I find his gifts wasted, because instead of promoting the unvarnished and often unpleasant and definitely not "PC," politically correct, truth, he has crafted himself as a "Centrist leader."

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IMHO, the label "Centrist leader" is an oxymoron. From the center you can't lead. From the center you are surrounded by people who have more guts and stronger opinions. A leader takes the lead and goes forward in a firm determined line to your goal, demolishing enemies and obstacles on the way. It's physically impossible to do that as a Centrist.

I don't know what sports Bibi played as a youth. American football is good training for political leadership. To score a touchdown, the player must hold the ball tightly and get through the opposing team's players who are trying to tackle and steal the ball. That's real life. There's no 3 point basket from the center of the court as in basketball.

Israel needs a true leader, one who isn't afraid to run through fire and condemnation to score a touchdown.


Anonymous said...

He knows only too well that they are the same. It's all an act but most are not duped today, but seem to be powerless to change things. If there were a majority of honest and patriotic politicians sitting in the knesset, maybe then things would change.

Leah said...

Interesting to note what I read on another website: Obama got up in to the world stage and announced that he is going to go after IL.
The writer mentions that he did not mention IS- only IL. What's the difference? IL is in Iraq, whereas IS is world wide. I thought that was a little interesting....
Sooooo, is he against all of IS or just a "little JV" team, as he likes to think of it as...?

Batya said...

Leah very interesting
Obama has admitted that he has no actual plan.
A, as I wrote being Center is rather impotent.

Sammy Finkelman said...

Obama's plan for Syria is to wait until he can raise and train a ground army of Syrians, except that if he gets agood opportunity to kill the caliph, he will.

Batya said...

Sammy, I suggest that Obama and his band of advisors watch the movie "The Siege."