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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Treason? What 1967 Tragedies?

So far I haven't found this Jerusalem Post Magazine article online.

It's the weekly "Questionnaire" article given to some prominent Israeli to fill out.  Most run NGO's or are politicians.  This week Lahav Harkov interviewed Labor MK Daniel Ben-Simon.  I must admit that I'd never heard of him before.  Apparently he had worked as a journalist for Left wing papers, Davar and Haaretz.  His answers were pretty boring until he got to this:

His statement that his first act as Israeli Prime Minister would be to give me twelve months to leave my home, totally outrageous and dangerous for the State of Israel as it would be, didn't disturb me as much as his:

"This way we can finish the Six Day War and the tragedies it brought."

Wooh!  Did you get that?  This man, who sits as a Member the Israeli Kenesset and makes laws to govern our state, says that the Six Day War brought "tragedies."  All of the countries surrounding Israel, Jordan, Egypt and Syria united to destroy us, threatened to "throw the Israelis into the sea."  There could have been one out of two results to this war.  Either we'd defeat them or be destroyed.  We were victorious, and in the process liberated our historic territories and in so doing straightened the indefensible borders.  Those old, aka green line borders had held for barely nineteen years.  They were cease-fire lines.  There was nothing holy, or even terribly legal about them.

This MK Ben-Simon claims the 1967 Israeli victory brought "tragedies." Would he have preferred that we had been defeated and destroyed? I don't care what else he said in that interview. As far as I'm concerned, MK Daniel Ben-Simon is a very dangerous man.


Truth Seeker said...

So what do you want the Israeli government to do? Kick all the Arabs out? Isn't that not only unethical but also impossible?

Let's be honest: if Israel tried an "Indian Removal" strategy to remove all the Palestinians - ahem, Arabs from the West Bank - ahem, "Judea and Samaria", the rest of the world would condemn Israel just like they condemned Milosevic's Yugoslavia for the conflicts there back in the 1990's. That might lead to international boycotts and sanctions (think BDS kicked into full gear) against Israel which would cripple its economy. Let's be honest here: any country, no matter how good its national economy is, HAS to trade with other nations, especially in today's globalized economy (there's a reason why the modern nation-state built on nationalism arose right after capitalism came into existence). If sanctions were placed on Israel just like they're placed on N. Korea and Cuba, then Israel would be in economic ruin for who knows how long.

Either the settlers can go back to pre-1967 Israel or they can live under the flag of Palestine. That's the inevitable truth. The rest of the world, regardless as to whether or not you condemn them, will not tolerate this conflict ending in any other way. The fact that only the US and the countries it buys off (i.e. Micronesia, Nauru, Tuvalu, Palau, etc.) are the only countries supporting Israel in the UN should be proof of this. Say whatever you want but you can't deny these facts.

Batya said...

ts, what a racist thing to suggest. That's your idea, not mine.

The Arabs must obey laws just like anyone else. If they refuse then they should find another place. Most do want to live here in peace. Sanctions should be placed on the Arab terrorists and their supporters.

Your "truth" is lies and danger.

Truth Seeker said...

Listen: the whole world doesn't want Israel in the West Bank (J&S). If Israel annexes that territory, it will come under even worse international scrutiny than it is now. These are just the facts. It would be much wiser for Israel to remove the army from the WB/JS and if the settlers want to remain there they can but under the flag of Palestine. The bad image Israel has in the world will mean nothing but economic death later on. If Israel-Palestine becomes one state, then the first thing the Palestinians are going to want to do is land re-distribution where Jewish held land is given to Arabs and returning refugees. A one state solution would be very unstable, especially if all the non-Jewish Israelis have equal voting rights. They'll have every incentive to want to turn Israel into Palestine due to nationalism that's been ignited after 62 years of statelessness. The wisest decision IMO is for Israel to just leave all territories captured in 1967. If hostility happens, then it happens. Once Israel is out of those territories the world will go easier on it anyway since they'll have no excuse to hate anymore. Trust me, this is the only feasible solution.

Batya said...

TS, big deal!
If it had been up to the rest of the world, all the Jews would be dead and gone. I don't care what they think nor what they want.
There's only ONE G-D! And you're not His spokesperson.

justmythoughts said...

First of all, I agree with Batya's sentiments! :)

Second of all - what is all this bs about economic ruin? Look at the real data, and you'll see that alongside anti-israel political rhetorics, world-wide economic trade with Israel is stronger than ever.

BDS is just a 'Big Deal' made out of 'BS'.

Wave of Palestinian nationalism - arising after 62 years?
What about the years between 1948 and 1967 when J&S was under Jordanian rule - why wasn't there any Palestinian nationalism then?

Maybe because Jordan WAS the territorial compromise for the indigent Arabic population? The PA's could have Jordan back if they wanted to.

The fact is that the PA cause is just a means for radical Islamic factions to eat away at Israel. Getting us to give away J&S is just the start, and would solve NOTHING.

Just as in past history, when some Jews gave away spiritual territory by converting, and in doing so, only further intensified the conversionist attempts. So it is now with the land of Israel - any bit we give away only makes those on the other side of the line more eager to bring in the 7 million PA ""refugees"" to replace the 6 million living here.

Batya said...

jmt, thanks! Share this post further if you really agree.