Wednesday, December 30, 2009

This Is Not The "Time For Peace"

There's no "window" to rush through, nothing like when Indiana Jones had to rush out dramatically before being squashed by the boulder.

It's just us, innocent peace-craving Israelis verses terrorists, irrational, dedicated Arab terrorists.  The Arab terrorists who murdered Rabbi Meir Avshalom Hai last week have the full backing of their people and leaders.

Those terrorists are considered heroes.  Nobody can "make peace" with people like that.  We're not playing "Queen for a Day" or any other Hollywood type "makeovers."  When the Arabs are ready for peace, the real stuff, the genuine article, there will be peace and we won't have to give or do anything.  Right now, especially because the world accepts their deadly behavior as "normal" and "justified," there can never be peace.  We aren't the problem!  The Arabs are, and that's it, plain and simple.

Where were the outraged shouts and condemnations when Arab terrorists brutally murdered  Meir Avshalom Hai?  All of those who remained silent are complicit in the act.  So, don't preach peace to us.  I'm not listening; I don't have to.

Remember that Hollywood isn't real life.


sharon said...

Well said. The leaders are comatosed and yet busy with taking bribes, etc. Where is the security priority? These islamic monsters are making fun of the way our leaders act and even have cartoon of leader as pig with a nazi tie.(JIDF) Leaders in Israel's sympathies, if any, should be with Israel's own and not those murderous barbarian subhuman palestinians. ENOUGH self-haters in govt.

Keli Ata said...

Fantastic post!

This is slightly OT but since you mentioned Rabbi Chai I will address it. I also brought this up as a comment on another blog and nobody commented so I was either way off base or offensive.

Here goes:

When Rabbi Holtzberg and his wife were murdered in Mumbai last year it generated huge media coverage. Not just the attacks in general but the murders of the rabbi and his wife and his little son being orphaned.

There was a lot of coverage even in the western, secular media.

Rabbi Chai has seven children. Why hasn't that also generated a lot of media coverage? A rabbi murdered by terrorists alone should warrant it.

A rabbi who has children, definitely. A rabbi who has seven children?! Yes.

Did the fact that one rabbi's murder happened outside of Israel and the other didn't play a role in the media's coverage or non-coverage?

I mean, from a journalistic perspective the murder of a rabbi by terrorists, a rabbi who has seven children...that's page A1 above the fold coverage.

Yet nothing on US national television.

Were it not for A7 and blogs I'd be in the dark.

As for Israeli leaders--they need to be taken out of office by the people. That's the only way real change happens.

Hadassa said...

Keli Ata, I'm no expert but I would say that the fact that the attack in Mumbai was outside of Israel explains a lot. Also being a "settler", Rav Chai was a pariah to most of the world. Rav Holtzberg was a Chabadnik, a member of a group of Jews well loved by many non-Jews around the world. Also the Chabad House was well known to many more people, Jewish and not, than Rav Chai was. The attack on the Chabad House was also a hostage situation that involved many wounded, a SWAT team - non Jewish at that, the orphaned son brought back to Israel without his nanny who him desperately needed, etc. All the details journalists love to work into a big story.
Who cares about seven more "settler" orphans living on "stolen" land?

Batya said...

sharon, thanks

keli, hadassa's answer was perfect!

Keli Ata said...

Hadassa--I am speachless.

Batya--You should post Hadassa's comment as a separate post!! It is perfect, and heartbreaking!

Batya said...

keli, Hadassa can elaborate for a post if she wants. I love here writing.

Hadassa said...

Keli, you take it and flesh it out if you like. You're a journalist, right? I don't have any inside information and you have the same Internet access that I do.
Unfortunately what I wrote has been written before and always falls on deaf ears. There are plenty of people in the world, including Jews, who openly state that "settlers" don't have basic human rights.

Keli Ata said...

Thank you Hadasa:)

I will repost your comment along with my initial comment on my blog. Yes, I am a journalist, a crime reporter in the US, though. I rarely get to cover anything in Israel, sadly.

Right now I am disgusted with my community for saying that homelessness is a "lifestyle choice" even after a homeless man was set on fire by kids and another struck by a car.

Whether Israel or the US heartlessness abounds and is the root causes of much of the evils in the world, or at least the perpetuated of them.

I believe it was King David who said, Remove evil, and do good.

Most people would rather do good, and forget about the need to remove evil. It's a sad, sick world, isn't it?

Your last sentence about "settler" children struck a nerve with me. And reminded me of a video of Sderot I watched a while a go. The one little girl, about 11 years old had the same ton of voice as my niece at that age, she looked identical except my niece had blond hair.

It was as if someone had placed a brown wig on my niece and taught her to speak Hebrew! I kept thinking...that could be her!

Keli Ata said...

I reposted the comments as a separate post on my blog, with a link to Shilohmusings.

Keli Ata said...

Batya: I feel really really stupid and embarassed to ask this, but does the media regard you and the people of shiloh as settlers, with all of the negative connotations that come with the word:(

I feel dumb asking. So dumb, especially if you've written that they have.

Batya said...

darling,keli, we're considered evil, though we're not at all.

Keli Ata said...

I could never think of you or people of Shiloh as matter what the media or world says. Or an Israeli.

The world/media has it all wrong. All wrong.

Batya said...

You tell the, OK? I hope people will listen when enough tell the truth.