Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Failure to Communicate, Could This Obama Story Be True?

There's a very disturbing story in Pajamasmedia about U.S. President Obama's behavior in Copenhagen.

The US president BO had hardly arrived when he let it be known, "the time for talk is over." From now on, he would take over the leadership of the negotiations.

Together with German Chancellor Merkel, the heads of Russia, Brazil, Japan, the EU and other prominent countries, Obama went to work. But things didn't go like the Nobel prize winner had imagined. Only German Environment minister Norber Roettgen remained optimistic. Despite the tough negotiation, he opined, there could be a resulting compromise. "Today we throw the dice."

Instead, it turned into a fiasco. [...]

According to rumors from the Bella Center, President BO is said to have asked for a conversation with Wen jibao to bring up the matters. But O had to wait. Wen, according to the rumors, almost never left his hotel room and could not be found. Finally the US Delegation succeeded in finding the chinese premier in a conference room. An obviously angry Obama is said to have stormed into the room. "Are you ready yet to talk with me Mr Premier?" he is said to have shouted. "Are you ready now? Mr Prmier, are you ready to talk with me?" What a stage entrance for a US President.

However, Wen was not alone in the room, as Obama literally burst in, according to members of the congress. The Chinese (premier) was in the middle of talks with India's head of state Mammohan Singh and the South African president Jacob Zuma. Suddenly the group found itself forced into a conversation with the US president.

We've noticed his bull-headed bossiness here in Israel.  Obama cares about one opinion, his own.  The he tells others to "negotiate" but they must conclude the way he wants.  Isn't that what has been happening?

Obama is missing out on the fine points of "politikking," negotiating, the give and take while giving the impression that the other has given more when you've really taken the lion's share.

There doesn't seem to be any real positive/friendly chemistry between Obama and the other world leaders.  He's not much of a team player.  Don't blame it on his relative "youth."  He's no kid.  He's an image thrust in a very important role, cast for his superficial characteristics.  But when push comes to shove, it will be shown that he's The Peter Principle personified.


Devorah said...

A narcissist's motto is "it's my way or the highway". Obama is just proving that people who define him as a narcissist are correct.

Batya said...


Shtuey said...

In Obama's case it is not the Peter Principle at work as much as it is the Peter Pan Principle. Obama displays the traits of early two year old who lacks basic communicating skills, and whose most favored word is "mine." This is what happens when a man on a perpetual quest to have a father figure in his life, and seeking the approval and love of that elusive figure, comes blundering onto the world stage.

In the meantime, we are all forced to suffer his acting out, when he should be spending his time on the couch being analyzed by a Freudian personologist.

Batya said...

I wonder would have happened to JFK if he hadn't been assassinated. He didn't get any of his platform passed. LBJ did it.

Unknown said...

First of all it is not "Peter's Principle", it is "The Peter Principle" named for Dr. Laurence J. Peter as you see in the link that you posted. However, you are wrong to say that Obama is an example of that principle. The principle is that a competent person is a success so that he is promoted until he reaches a position at which he is incompetent and will therefore fail.

Obama has proven himself incompetent at everything that he has ever done and has never succeeded at anything. He even failed at being a "community organizer".

He is in the situation of a person with learning diasabilities who has been subject to a "social promotion" from the earliest grades.

It is like a child who has an incompetent teacher in the second grade but is promoted anyway and cannot ever catch up. He is now faced with high school and college math never having learned the multiplication table.

Batya said...

Good points, and I made the correction. thanks

Keli Ata said...

Obama suffers from a god complex. He certainly is a narcissist. I wonder just how nasty he'll get now that world leaders and people in general are starting to challenge him?

JDL London Canada said...

Such inanity from a world (so called)leader is not surprising coming from Obama. The problem is he is a 'problem' for all of us. A man with -- all the codes to launch a nuclear strike -- any where in the world. We will see the 'monster' that he really is in the weeks and months to come ....

Batya said...

keli, jdl, frightening, nu?