Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Look At The "Bright Side"

Maybe Obama's new Health Care Program will give more people health coverage by giving them government jobs in the 111 new departments that will have to be formed to administer his health care package.

That would be the "bright side" of bureaucracy, nu?


Hadassa said...

I tried to follow the names of the departments as I scrolled down the list, but I got dizzy. Just managing the paper work - and of course computer databases - is going to waste more tax payers' money on bureaucrats salaries.
Will the program even provide more care for more people? I doubt it.

Batya said...

That's for sure, and that's the point. America is too large for a national health care system.

There should be something more like Israel, with local all-inclusive programs, with easy transferablity from deal to deal if people move. Like Israel, the clinics/medical centers should have subsidized pharmacies.

And basic membership should be covered in Social Security, Unemployment or Welfare, depending on the situation of the individual.