Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Israel's Cockeyed Propaganda

My father made aliyah with an "album" of DVDs of World War Two information/propaganda/history/documentary films.  They are amazingly interesting in light of Israel's dangerously pathetic hasbara information efforts.

Recently, we've been watching them daily and systematically.  He's much more alert watching them than when he sees movies.  We don't have any TV reception here.  Israel is willing to tax but not to broadcast reception.  I think it's time for a major class action suit against the government, but that's another topic.  My father enjoys the news, and like his late mother, has always been a news and history buff.  Considering his present state, the history from sixty-five or seventy years ago is fascinating and familiar.

Most of what we are watching was screened in the movie theaters along with coming attractions.  And they may also have been part of the "entertainment" for United States military.  Remember that there wasn't television in those days.  Movie theaters were full and news documentaries were a very popular alternative to the radio and newspapers.

It's clear that these movies were written, planned and edited to galvanize public opinion.  The early ones explained/illustrated how isolationism was popular in the United States.  I found it frightening how similar the attitude of Americans in the late 1930's was to distant Asia and Europe compared to today's Israeli Tel Aviv- area Leftists to the Negev and northern development towns and the very nearby Judea and Samaria.  Ironically, today people talk about how the world has gotten smaller, but Israelis in nearby Rosh HaAyin and Petach Tikvah love to think of us as if we, a few minutes away in Shiloh, are some place near the Amazon River or Alaska.

Some of the earlier movies must have been produced prewar, because they're almost fawningly infatuated with Hitler, Eva Braun and their social life.

Other movies have some very astute messages.  They delve into the prehistory of World War Two concluding that the war could have been prevented if the United States had taken "minor aggressions" in Asia and Europe seriously years earlier. The United States isolationism caused the war according to that hypothesis.  I've also heard it emphasized that there must be total victory, zero tolerance of aggression.

Unfortunately, Israel is suffering from the same syndrome, ignoring every sign of aggression in a psychotic attempt to impose a dangerous agenda on the State of Israel.

Again, the news here systematically ignores the inherent dangers facing us and builds a cockeyed illusion of "peace, if only Israel would..."  Now, the media and Leftists are back to promoting giving the Golan to Syria in addition to sharing Jerusalem and having a terror state in our heartlands, G-d forbid.  This isn't some Broadway show. 

This is real life, and mistakes aren't reversible.


josh said...

If you really want tv, 'Yes' is available in your area.

Batya said...

Josh, of course, I know that, but why should someone pay taxes to support the TV and then have to pay privately to receive reception.