Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thank G-d For The Rain, And Pray For More!

Oops, it may not be enough just to pray for rain.  G-d may take it as hypocritical.  Rain in the Land of Israel is more than seasonal, just in the winter.  Some years we have enough.  Frequently there is a drought and very rarely do we suffer from too much rain.  The Torah tells us that rain is a This World, Olam Hazeh, reward/punishment indicator of how well we've obeyed G-d's Commandments.  So if we sin as a People, all the prayers in the world won't override it and bring needed rain.

So far there has been enough rain for the ground to get green and early winter plants to emerge.  We're still in the Jewish month of Kislev, and there's time for lots of heaven-sent rain.  I'm no prophet and can't predict how much rain will fall nor if our People will emerge from its dangerous dependence on foreign rule.

The rain we've had so far this year has made the Land of Israel, and Shiloh in particular, beautiful.  Here are some pictures:

All of these pictures were taken in Shiloh, early winter, this year.


Anonymous said...

gorgeous. cant wait to hit the trails on chanuka.

Anonymous said...

There is way too little rain.

Batya said...

a, thank G-d
shy, amen

Anonymous said...

The Israeli newspapers report everything, except the weather, rainfall and most importantly, the level of Yam Kineret. Apparently the Israeli public couldn't care less. Especially not the youth, as judged by the 15-minute showers they take everyday. Not to mention their parents, that build swimming pools, just to show off. Even if they live within walking distance of the sea. That's why G'd sends so few rain.

Batya said...

among the other sins for sure