Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Since When Is Abusing A Child More "Humane" Than Profiling?

Profiling is the most humane and ethical way of doing security checks.  When a young child's sleep is disturbed, because it's "no pillow time" on the plane, you know that idiots are in charge.  I wrote a sarcastic piece soon after the new rules were announced, but not even I could imagine that a child's vomit couldn't be considered a legitimate exception and properly cleaned up during toilet close-down.
But on the plane, restricted movement and confiscated comforts took a toll.

“The last hour and a half, they said we can’t move at all,” Ms. Cain said. “That was very hard for her. The flight attendant came by and took the pillow from her head. I didn’t like that. Why did they have to wake her up? It would be better for her to sleep.”

Then Emily threw up, never any parent’s dream, but all the more unpleasant when the bathroom cannot be visited.

L'havdil, to differentiate, last week when I finally got my father's Israeli Identity Card, it was from an older clerk and supervisor, both much more experienced and aged than the one who had stood on principle and refused when one document was missing.  We had other documents which were of a higher security rating.  That's using common sense.

Israeli security personnel are trained to intensify and trust their gut reactions, instincts and know what behavior could be suspicious.  Granted flight stewards/stewardesses don't all have that talent, but they should be given instructions on when to break the rules.  Instead of wasting their time and efforts on disturbing a child's sleep, they should be watching those who could be terrorists.  Yes, that's profiling!  Profiling saves lives and is even more efficient.


Hadassa said...

I would think that at least some of ELAL's stewards and stewardesses have anti-terrorist training. Every flight has at least one plain-clothed security officer that is capable of shooting a terrorist. Other airlines would do well to have similar plans.
What is the purpose of the "no pillow time" rule? Are they worried that a pillow could be used to conceal a weapon?

I wonder if people are going to start choosing airlines on the basis of the logic of their rules. If I ever have to fly, I am. The airline Ms. Cain used will never get any business from me.

JDL London Canada said...

The problem is not the pillow but the damned muslim terrorist - yishmach shemo - that caused the the airline flight attendant to be so assiduous and over cautious in the first place. Let's call it for what is was and is. Why blame the airlines when they haven't clue of what to do. Also, watch the media spin this one, Odingdong already has by calling the deranged chap an 'extremist' instead of a terrorist, - his true title. But recall the US prez said islam brings 'peace' to the world. Remember, only us settlers are extremist and terrorist not muslims ... go figure ...

Batya said...

Yes, Hadassa, each time I think I should choose a flight according to $ I'm reminded of the better security on El Al.

jdl, If my living in Shiloh makes me a "danger to world Peace," then pulling a pillow from a toddler mades sense. The two are connected.

Anonymous said...

Common sense.

However, I disagree with any concerns of his for Muslims being offended. They can swim for all I care.

Hadassa said...

Who was it that said common sense is anything but common? Smart man (I remember that it was a man), unfortunately.
Nice link, Shy Guy.
P.S. I know that the problem is not the pillow. I would just like to know what the heck is going through the minds of the people who are supposedly responsible for the security of hundreds of thousands - millions? - of flyers.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to know what the heck is going through the minds of the people who are supposedly responsible for the security of hundreds of thousands - millions? - of flyers.

That it's better that the plane be blown up 2 hours away from its destination, rather than 20 minutes before landing.


Batya said...

Shy, Hadassa, these are Obama's experts!

Hadassa said...

The New York Times also wanted to know what their readers thought of an ELAL-Ben Gurion Airport type security plan. I was surprised at the number of pro-Israel comments.


(Hat tip: I found the article while looking at an article Batya linked in her latest blog.)

Batya said...

I haven't read it yet. I just wonder if the goyishe kop can pull it off.