Sunday, December 6, 2009

Evangelical Missionary Building Boon in Jerusalem:

Posted by Jewish Israel

Jewish settlements in Judea and Shomron may be frozen, but Christian missionaries are enjoying a real building boon in and around Jerusalem.

It should be understood that these buildings are not standard churches used strictly for private worship services. These are evangelistic institutions which place an emphasis on “outreach activities” and agendas which focus on the training of missionaries; missionary projects directed at Jews; and the strengthening of the apostate community in Israel.

Jewish Israel takes you on a virtual tour of some very recent examples of prime evangelical property development in Israel - leased, sold, or permits for expansion granted to evangelizing ministries and institutions...more


Batya said...

Ellen, isn't the phrase "building boom?"

Would we Jews be able to build a yeshiva in teh Vatican?

ellen said...

No. I meant "boon" - as in windfall, blessing, timely benefit.

Keli Ata said...

Ellen: Of all the places missionaries set up operations, Yerushalayim breaks my heart. I can only attribute it to pay offs from wealthy xtian groups to politicians.

I don't know how building permits are normally obtained in Israel but I imagine missionary money is greasy the wheels in their favor.

Batya: The Vatican would allow Jews to build a yeshiva in the Vatican. However, if the students decided to teach Catholics and other Italians the Noachide Laws...that would be another matter.

ellen said...

Keli Ata,

I honestly don't know how this happened, and it requires further investigation.

But obviously an unregulated multi-million dollar "unconditional" theopolitical alliance between powerful American evangelical leaders and groveling Jews is begging for serious consequences.

Keli Ata said...

It definitely merits an investigation to find out how and why these missionary groups are able to build.

I only bring up gov't corruption because...well, projection on my part. When things such as this happen in Buffalo it is usually traced back to payoffs and corruption.

Batya said...

Ellen, thanks for the clarification. Being that I'm a baby boomer, you can see my mistake.

Anonymous said...

Keli, you want to know how it happened?

Simple. Israel is a "medina le'kol ezracheha".

Everything goes.

It's only going to get worse.

Hadassa said...

Shy Guy, perhaps some of the readers don't know what "medina le'kol ezracheha" is or means. Literally it means "a state for all her citizens" and those who want one, want a country devoid of Jewish character or law.
I would say that those who want "medina le'kol ezracheha" don't say "everything goes". They say, "Judaism goes, everything else can stay".

Anonymous said...

Hadassa, "Judaism" is "everything".


Hadassa said...

Nice, Shy Guy.

Shabbat Shalom and Hag Urim Sameah!
(Urim are lights - Chanukah is also called the Festival of Lights.)