Thursday, December 24, 2009

Dear Obama Claus,

Thanks to the One and Only Fred for the Oybama Claus graphics! 

As soon as I began reading these "Dear Mr. President" messages in the International Herald Tribune Magazine, I new that I needed Fred to fotoshop me an "Obama Claus."

I guess that if we were in a different time of the year, I'd have him made up as the "Tooth Fairy," or something like that.

The worshipful tone in these letters is absolutely pathetic.  They read like kids' letters to Santa Claus.  I can't find a nice way of putting it.  It's like a new religion this Obama worship.  It makes no sense, no sense at all.

In the end, Barack Hussein Obama will be like those expensive toys which never quite work right.  The batteries leak and the instructions aren't clear, and the kids have more fun eating pancakes, shaping cookies with cookie cutters or splashing in puddles.

King David got it right:
"Yisrael Batach b'Hashem, Israel Trust in G-d!"


JDL London Canada said...

It's nothing short of blasphemy for those who chose to revel in his narcissism as if were some sort of sanctimonious ritual. I'm just befuddled by the amount fanfare that this charlatan gets every time he opens his bloody mouth. People are so enamored by literally nothing more than Hollywood style antics. Go figure ...

Batya said...

They're in love with "hope," a great campaign slogan.