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Monday, December 14, 2009

Call for Boycott!

Neighbors went furniture shopping, looking for the best buy and finally found exactly what they wanted at a price much less than all other other stores.  Great you think.  Yes, that's what they thought, too, until it was time to put in the order. 

As soon as the clerk heard where they live, he cancelled the order:
"We don't sell to Jews in the shtachim (territories.)"
"You don't have to deliver.  We'll take care of that, assembly, too."
"No, you don't understand.  We're boycotting you.  We don't want your money, nor your business."

This is no rumor, and these neighbors are Hebrew speakers, intelligent, not crackpots in any sense.

So, if they want a boycott, give them a boycott and don't buy from רהיטי דורון Rihutei Doron, the Doron Furniture chain.


goyisherebbe said...

Boycott is good, but if it is possible to get them on record and take them to court, it would also be good. This on top of the freeze and the hesder crisis, and I'm really over the top. What's the out-of-the-box solution to this problem? We are not cornered rats, we are cornered lambs, unfortunately. Retraining is needed.

Mr. Gerson said...

Yes, isn't that illegal?

Batya said...

goyish, Mr. Gerson, since it is illegal, can you imagine what would happen to a shop/chain that refused to sell to Arabs? my neighbors have reported it to a conumers organization.

Keli Ata said...

Is there a small claims court where your neighbors can sue these people for...harassment or pain and suffering?

We had a case in the US where an Israeli airline worker discriminated again a Sephardic Jew because he looked Arab.

The court only awarded him the customary $1 in principle, which he gladly took on the principle of the matter.

The should also contact the mainstream Israeli media.

Scary that many Israelis have bought into the settler discrimination propoganda.

Keli Ata said...

Call me an alarmist but these could lead to a refusal to sell vital goods and services to "settlers."


Batya said...

You're right. It's bad, very bad. My neighbors are working on it.

josh said...

Uh, hello. Did someome throw away the Torah from this blog???

This does not make sense. A) Rehitei Doron's main factory is in the Barkan Industrial Zone. B) This is blatant loshon hara as well as the ignoring of 'giving benefit of the doubt'.

Bloggers (especially God fearing Jewish ones) have an obligation to check the facts before publishing loshon hara, and especially based on one event only and one side of the story. You heard this from a second party. You might be able to listen but not accept the information as fact, and definitely required to verify before putting even one Jew's parnasa in danger by publicizing and promoting a boycott.

One idiot store clerk does not represent a company with tens of workers. Please reconsider publicizing this until you have more facts.

Batya said...

I'm rechecking it with the neighbor.

Batya said...

Here's my neighbor's written reply when I checked yet again:
"The salesclerk said- and the attractive brochure he gave me also stated - that the factory and the main store is in Afula. Barkan is not mentioned anywhere. So, Josh must have a different store in mind.
Anyone who is interested can have the phone number and give a call."

Hadassa said...

It could be that the store had no idea that the main factory is in Barkan. Some companies prefer to hide the fact that their main factories are in the "territories" in order not to loose customers. I personally know of one company that does this.

If you want to support YoSh, ordering furniture from Rehitei Broyer in Kedumim is an option. They feature Jewish labor too.

Batya said...

Hadassa, why don't you give a link or email for the Kedumim store.

The brochure says Afula. Maybe there are more than one business with the same name.

Hadassa said...

Link to Broyer's website: http://www.broyer.co.il/

They deliver anywhere in Israel. We've ordered from them twice, including once sight unseen. At least one of the employees speaks good English. (He switched to English after he heard my husband speaking to me on the cell phone.)

I Googled Rehitei Doron twice, once including Barkan, and once not. I'd like anyone who can read Hebrew well to look at the following links and give their opinion as to whether or not they are for the same company. Both companies are called Rehitei Doron. Both companies feature children's and youth furniture. The site that includes Barkan includes branches in the same cities as the other site, that doesn't include Barkan. Was I correct when I suggested that perhaps Rehitei Doron doesn't want to publicize their factory in Barkan too much?



Batya said...

Could there be two stores/chains or are they schizophrenic?

Hadassa said...

I truly believe that Rehitei Doron may be trying to down-play their factory in Barkan. Being in the "territories" can be "bad for business".

If there is only one Rehitei Doron, I wonder what the management thinks of a branch that won't deliver over the "Green Line".

Batya said...

Hadassa, there's a big difference between trying to mask a factory and refusing money, because the prospective customer is Jewish and lives in Shiloh. You've lost focus/track of the issue.

JDL London Canada said...

What kind of meshugas is this? I'm still picking up my jaw off the floor. Is the Israel or Alabama?

Josh, this is the reason why we can't move forward because poeple like yourself use 'halacha' to sugarcoat a real issue. This nonsense has got to STOP! There's a problem here let's deal with it! A fifth Shulchan Aruch - use commonsense, eh?

Batya, I believe your neighbours are sane and they didn't 'imagine' this ... I know how Israelis think, with spontaneity at times.

Batya said...

I trust the neighbors, and I'm publicizing the facts as reported by them.

josh said...

JDL London Canada, nice comment. Consumerism and alleged settler rights are more important than halacha.


First, make aliyah and move to a settlement (preferably Shomron), than you can talk to me (it's closer). This is not an issue about some beer store boycotting Israeli wine, it involves Jewish families paranassah and an obligation to be absolutely sure of the whole truth before making claims like this.

It is so easy to contact people in Israel. But it's been over two days since the story broke and there is no space alloted here for company ownership response to the allegations. This is morally wrong and from a journalistic point of view, unprofessional.

There is still no confirmation that the manager was actually presenting official company policy. Call for a boycott of that store manager, not the whole chain.

I laughed when some PMO big shot claimed to make an effort to get bloggers press credentials at some Israeli blogging conference. I like this blog, I do not like this post at all.

Batya said...

josh, if the company has something to say, there certainly would be space here for it.
My neighbor, who is reliable, checked it out.
This neighbor didn't just walk out of the store when it refused to sell to them; I would have. The price was so good they begged, and that's when they discovered that their money "wasn't good enough" just because they live in Shiloh.

I don't have the budget nor income to go check it out. My specialty isn't investigative reporting. And I have a press card via a foreign paper I write for.

Hadassa said...

Yep, Batya, I realized that my last post didn't cover the real issue, and then the Internet went because of the rain. I do think that head management should be informed of the actions of their branch stores. To some extent, Josh is right. We shouldn't boycott an entire chain unless the head management backs the branch store on this matter. I'll try to make a few phone calls next week.
Shabbat Shalom and Hag Urim Sameah!

Batya said...

Thanks, chodesh tov
Time to return to the kitchen!