Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Popeye in the White House

Remember Popeye? He used to guzzle spinach to give him strength to become mister muscle-man. He then proceeded to beat up the weaker bad guys on the block. Well, it looks like that's what the Americans chose to live in the White House.

But where does the spinach come into the story? When you have a man who sat for seven years every Sunday listening to a preacher spout virulent anti-semetic, anti-Israeli vitriol, it says something about both him and his ideology. For all his proclamations of innocence, Obama knew exactly what he was hearing, and it bothered him not a wit. Apparently he and Michelle ("Isn't she lovely" blared the Stevie Wonder hit as she took the floor at the Democratic convention) are closet anti-semites. This seven year "spinach" absorbance is giving Obama mucho strengho to be a muscleman at Israel's expense.

WE are apparently the bad guys on the block. Let's face it-- Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the other "moderate" Arab nations in our end of the world are much dearer to Barak HUSSEIN Obama than poor little ole Israel, the sole democracy in this area. So Obama is leaning on Bib. Leaning hard. WE must e-mail his office and show him support so that he doesn't knuckle under either to Livni's taunts nor Obama's threats. And if you dear reader reside in the U.S.A., please take the time to e-mail or call your Congressmen and Senators expressing your displeasure at Obama's strong man tactics.

Meanwhile, the world awaits with baited breath Obama's speech in Cairo later this week. What pearls of wisdom shall we hear? At least he was honest enough to admit in the (in)famous radio interview yesterday that what matters to him are AMERICAN interests alone! Therefore, we in Israel are far from happy waiting for who knows what from Popeye.

Lucky for us Obama didn't learn a vital point in those seven years of church-going: That Am Yisrael is the Chosen People. And as such, we have an ally upstairs far more powerful than he! Hashem can and Bezrat Hashem will do more than anything Obama could do for us in the U.N. or anywhere else. "Al Tivtachu B'nidivim" as it says in Tehillim-- "Don't put your trust in mortals." Not that any proud Jew would be so stupid to do so!!


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Anonymous said...

capitalizing hussein is needlessly provocative. sometimes less is more.
nedivim = nobles, machers, etc.
you cant just cite the bible that the jews are the chosen people. i mean, so what? look at the holocaust. [and dont tell me that it was because jews were in israel. they would have been spared had they been in australia too. it was a matter of not being in europe...]

Netivotgirl said...

I didn't mean to be provocative. I sincerely think that his having Muslim relatives has contributed to his anti-semitic outlook.

My reference to us being the Chosen People is in context to the piece. Eretz Yisrael was chosen to be the home of HIS people. Obama's pressure deals with our land, not that of anyone else.

Keli Ata said...

Nice post:) Though I see Israel as the good guys on the block. Obama is more like the ugly scrawny Sea Hag or Wimpy "I'll gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today."

Anonymous: The Jewish people are G-d's chosen people but sadly what most of the world forgets or chooses to ignore is that G-d chose the Jews to be lights unto the nations so that Hashem's name may become beloved among the nations.

If you really contemplate the Holocaust and the myriad atrocities against Jews throughout history and think...really think that it is for the benefit of Hashem and the nations you can't help but be overwhelmed with gratitude and profound sorrow and grief.

(I was recently listening to Danny Elfman's Ice Dance on You Tube from Edward Scissor Hands and for some reason that flooded into my thoughts and I ended up crying.)

Most of the world would rather remain in the dark. Muslims like Nazis choose to keep snuffing out Hashem's light on earth--the Jewish people:(

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Pharaoh has risen


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No. Not the kittens.

Here is the actual link - lol


Keli Ata said...

For what it's worth I don't think captializing the Hussein in Barak Hussein Obama's name is at all inapppriate.

He made a conscious decision at Harvard to revert to his original birth name from Barry, as he was known among his friends. Barak is a distinctly Middle Eastern name and Hussein is specifically Muslim.

He made a statement about his religion with that name change just as he made a statement about his faith when he "slipped" in an ABC interview and mentioned his "Muslim faith" and forgot that he was supposed to be a Christian.

When Jews convert to Judaism they choose a Hebrew name; when Catholics are confirmed they take on the name of a saint. So, too, when people become Muslim they take a Muslim name.

Personally, I feel the only reason he "converted" to Christianity was to further his political career.

josh said...

Anon kittens,
that medal is so appropriate since Hussein Obama was inaugurated in the week of the parsha of 'a new pharaoh who did not know Joseph'