Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Israeli Government Must Do More To Free Gilad Shalit

The very first thing is to suspend all Red Cross visits to Arab terrorist prisoners in Israeli hands. If they can't see Gilad Shalit, they can't see anyone here in Israel.

At the same time all "humanitarian aid" to Gaza must be suspended and blocked. It's inhuman cruelty to leave Gilad Shalit and his family without contact.

The time has come for the Israeli Government to treat its civilians and soldiers better than it treats its enemies.

That's all that needs to be done. No prisoner exchange, no gifts and no bribes. There's nothing to negotiate.


Anonymous said...

We are not merely dumb. We are wicked.

Batya said...

insanely so

Keli Ata said...

And the "Ruth" in your midst is perplexed and says knock it off and stop being so nice and accomodating to terrorists.

Just knock it off:) You're nice enough. No need to keep showing it in such insane ways.

There is no need for Red Cross visits to any Arab terorists. They're in Israeli prisons after being tried and convicted of their crimes.

Unlike Gilad Shalit their families know their whereabouts and know that they're getting medical care and three meals a day.

Gilad? Wherabouts unknown. Medical care and meals? Unknown. Hamas even once said they gave him birthday parties and cakes and let him exercise outdoors.

Total BS. But there was a telling little unrelated satellite statement in what they claimed--they said it would be cruel to keep him locked in one room without windows all day.

In the Hamas lies an element of truth. Gilad Shalit probably is being kept in one room all day without windows.


I'd bet that if Israel cut off all humanitarian aid to Gaza for one year they'd be begging for Israel to destroy Hamas and would release Gilad in a heartbeat.

In fact they'd probably act just like those Egyptian people who begged Pharoah to release the Jewish people because of the plagues.

And while I'm on another roll...if the Palestians want a state of their own why oh why should Israel be required to give them anything?

They want independence from Israeli rule? Let 'em have it.

Terrorist releases in exchange for a kidnapped teenage boy solider? As awful as Sophie's Choice.

The blood of many Israeli children at the hands of terrorist released for the salvation of one.

Yep. Sophie's Choice.

Batya said...

Are you certain that you want to join such a crazy peopl?

Keli Ata said...

You betcha! For all of the insanity...who wouldn't want to join a people who have hearts of gold, chutzpah and lead me closer to Hashem?

This is the only place for me:)

Keli Ata said...

OT to Shy Guy--you had me in stitches with the Cola Olam Kulo lol. Still laugh when I think about it.

Batya said...

good thing you have a sense of humor... one of the requirements

Anonymous said...

Keli, cross-website commentary?!

Is nothing sacred?!


I do not understand why we do not summarily execute one Hamas terrorist prisoner per hour, broadcast the event on a hugh screen facing over the Gaza border, until Shalit is returned unharmed.

Vote for me!!!

Batya said...

shy, get real
This is a country that won't even punish terrorists by limiting their tv access.

Anonymous said...

That's why I said "vote for me".

Two terrorists in every pot!