Monday, June 1, 2009

Now, For Young Israel

Not all that long ago, I blasted the OU for its promotion of galus, diaspora communities instead of promoting aliyah. I also ranted, because they prefer giving the Gush Katif DP's charity, instead of trying to prevent Disengagement. Don't think that the Young Israel Movement is immune to my criticism.

Young Israel Movement Launches Shavuot Food Campaign for Gush Katif Evacuees

Isn't prevention the best medicine?

What's the point of promoting a "united Jerusalem" without opposing the destruction of Jewish Life, Jewish communities and sovereignty in the rest of the Land of Israel?

Isolating Jerusalem and allowing a 22nd Arab State, one with a raison d'etre , clear aim/purpose/goal of destroying the State of Israel should be totally condemned.

The Young Israel was silent before Disengagement, and now they enjoy giving food baskets to the innocent Jews banished/exiled/displaced from their homes.


Anonymous said...

"What's the point of promoting a "united Jerusalem" without opposing the destruction of Jewish Life, Jewish communities and sovereignty in the rest of the Land of Israel?"
"When Israel's leadership lacks the basic understanding of the unique destiny of the Nation of Israel and the vital role of the Land of Israel - when holiness is completely uprooted from Israel's existence - everything turns upside down. The Nation of Israel's presence in the Land of Israel becomes a temporary real estate venture, while its existence in foreign lands becomes permanent and sanctified. In fact, the Nation of Israel's very physical reality becomes just some more merchandise that can buy another day of quiet - quiet for the people standing at the top of the heap of concrete that used to be someone's home. They feel perfectly comfortable trading in the Land's real estate and even in the lives of its inhabitants.
When nothing is holy - not the Nation of Israel and not the Land of Israel - it is fine to give the Nazis the children of the poor just to buy a few more days of quiet in the ghetto. It even makes sense. The Judenrat and the Jewish Police were Jews who had basically removed G-d from the equation. When that happens, all that is left is simple arithmetic. 10,000 children will be sent to the crematoria but - for the time being - tens of thousands will be saved. It makes sense, doesn't it?
When nothing is holy anymore, when the land is not holy, it is fine to destroy Jewish homes and towns and surrender our land to the Arabs. Just like the children of the poor who were hunted down by their brothers to fill the Nazi transports, the settlers are the sector of society that has proven that it is incapable of fighting its brothers/destroyers. And if their destruction means another day of quiet, another day of holding the government together - and maybe it will even somehow allow us to save Jerusalem - then it is all very logical, isn't it?
It always begins with the outposts. But just as in the case of the Nazi transports - when the leadership betrays the nation - the enemy's appetite gets larger and larger. The end is a given. Destruction for all."

- Excerpt source

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's time to blast the OU again.

Muddled nonsense.

Anonymous said...

i dont understand. they were wrong for not opposing the disengagement [tho what this would mean from the sidelines of the us is beyond me], and they are right for trying to help out the gaza refugees.
they are also right for supporting a united jlem. they should also support an intact israel, but that is not necessarily excluded.

Batya said...

Thanks, Shy, I like it when we're on the same track.

a, it's clear that you don't get it. Young Israel and the OU could have joined the struggle against Disengagement. Instead, they sat quietly by. And now, they both think they're so great and generous sending their care packages to the homeless and jobless.

They make me sick.

Hadassa said...

The OU did not sit quietly. The OU agreed with the expulsion out of statism, "mamlachtiut". In other words, according to the OU, the opinion of the Israeli government is more important than halacha.
I was insulted by their care packages. Guilt money.

Batya said...

Hadassa, I stand corrected, and I wonder what awful things I'll be hearing in NY in a couple of days.

Anonymous said...

muse said...
Thanks, Shy, I like it when we're on the same track.
If you follow the link I posted, you're on the same track as Moshe Feiglin. :)))

I'm only the messenger.

Batya said...

No doubt we have the same goal, we just disagree on the path.

Keli Ata said...

Do you mean YI as in the Modern Orthodox YI congregations in the US?


I don't know what to say. In their defense a lot of American Jews, including MO are ignorant of what's going on in Israel politically. It's a shame but nevertheless true.

Not everyone has even heard of Gush Katif. If they did and are only now showing support via guilt er care baskets it is hypocritical.

It's real easy to do the right thing...after the fact. Standing up to prevent a tragedy before it occurs takes courage that is lacking among most of the world.

(totally off topic but the word verification right now is "Musers." LOL, that's what you should call your readers on this blog:)

Batya said...

Yes, Keli, the same YI, and the leadership knew exactly what Disengagement meant.

Keli Ata said...

They should be ashamed.

Batya said...

keli, exactly right, and they must verbalize it and strongly oppose any further destruction.

Hadassa DeYoung said...

I'm not sure, but I think that the OU is parroting the general mood among the religious, and others, and spouting (possible empty) words to the effect that an expulsion must never happen again. I state "possibly empty" because some people who have technically opposed future expulsions are in favor of destroying the outposts.

Batya said...

From the congregants I spoke to, I think they're more pro Jews in Eretz Yisrael than the rabbis.

Shlomo said...

The OU's position was against Americans trying to force their views on Israel's elected government. With Obama in the white house, we are starting to see how valuable such a position could have been.