Monday, June 22, 2009

Israel Would Be Safer If We Didn't Let The World Interfere

Unfortunately, Israel's new/repeat Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu has adopted the Left's code words/mantra calling for the impossible.

"...I think my vision has the Palestinians and Israelis living side by side as free peoples in amity, not in enmity, and allowing our children to have a real life. And I suggested also a variety of economic and other projects that we could launch together to make life better for us, and, by the way, strengthen the moderates and push back the radicals."

We'd be a lot safer if our leaders would take our own needs first instead of kowtowing to foreign and Leftwing pressure. Cuba's Fidel Castro survived over half a century without American aid and support. Iran isn't going to buckle to foreign demands:

Ahmadinejad: West Can't Meddle in Iran

Israel's great military victories were sans American help and support. We would have lost the 1967 Six Days War if we hadn't done it totally alone. At best we would have become a defenseless protectorate. We almost lost the 1973 Yom Kippur War because of the United States. And the wars since then have left us progressively weaker.

It's interesting that Netanyahu can see the dangers from Iran, but he doesn't comprehend (or no longer comprehends) that the sic Palestinians, whom I refer to as the Pseudestinians, have one very clear aim, and that's to totally murder and destroy us.

I'm surprised, shocked and horrified that my Prime Minister doesn't understand this.

"The second issue, of course, is demilitarization because security will not be achieved except by demilitarization and demilitarization does not detract from the Palestinian self-determination. I do not understand why, for the purpose of Palestinian self-determination, they need Kassams and GRAD missiles. I can understand that they need a strong police force and security services; we are encouraging this but they do not need tanks, artillery or missiles." (quoted from Cabinet Communique, Communicated by the Cabinet Secretariat, At the weekly Cabinet meeting, 21.6.09)

When Bibi was under the influence of the late David Bar Illan, he did understand that the Arabs have one aim and one aim only. Now, he's singing a very different tune, and it's a very dangerous one.

America's Obama won't save us when the Pseudistinians attack Israel, nor will the United Nations. Today's Arabs aren't the same as the ones we defeated so quickly in 1967. It's time for Israel to get real, be pragmatic and only do what's best for us!


Anonymous said...

Food for thought: Israel's relationship today with the US parallels that of Taiwan's delegitimization by the Nixon adminstration in favor of Mao's Communist China.

There will soon be a future parallel. Just as China has sucked the life and ingenuity out of the US economy, so, too, will the barbarianism of Islam suck the life and freedoms out of US society.

The only thing that can save the US from itself is for America's citizens to recognize the veil of tyranny that is surrounding them more swiftly than ever under Obama and react to the opposite extreme in the course of the following congressional, senatorial and presidential elections.

After that, I believe much will be irreversable except at the end of a gun.

Batya said...

Shy, brilliant! I didn't think of that but you're right. Just like it seemed impossibly incomprehensible that the US would desert Taiwan in favor of Communist China (and who calls it by that name now?) all those who think that America will always be a "friend" of Israel are wrong, too.