Friday, June 26, 2009

Insanity, Why Does Israel Refuse To Learn From Its Mistakes?

I thought we Jews are supposed to be smart. The pragmatic me has trouble with the logic of the Israeli Government and Jews throughout the world.

Jews, though a tiny minority in the world's population, have won a disproportionately large number of Nobel Prizes.

As a People, we've always tried to be conciliatory to our enemies, finding ways to cooperate even with the most evil.

Thousands of years ago, during our Purim story, most Jews were willing to be loyal Persian citizens, going to King Achashverosh's party. No doubt that they rationalized it by saying that being part of the ruling elite would promote safety for the country's Jews. Mordechai refused, and later on he and his niece Esther had to organized the rescue of Persia's Jews.

During the German Nazi regime, the Jewish Establishment worked with the Nazi's, too.

Nothing much has changed, even though we have a state, the State of Israel. The problem is that our political leaders seem to doubt the legitimacy of our existence and are always trying to curry favor with our enemies.

And now, even though every concession to the Arabs has only endangered us, again our government is handing the defense responsibilities to the Arab terrorists.

May G-d help us!

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