Sunday, June 28, 2009

I'm Surprised That I Agree With MK Erdan

I haven't been impressed by MK Gilad Erdan, not by his talk to the Jerusalem Conference and not by his career climbing loyalty to Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu.

But at least according to the Arutz 7 article about the nomination of Judge Moshe Drori to the Supreme Court, Erdan seems to be right.
According to the charge sheet, the accused and the cashier disagreed over his parking fees. The parking cashier followed him to the parking lot, stood in front of his car and demanded that he pay up. The man got into his car and purposely ran into the cashier, who fell on top of the car's hood and held onto it. He kept driving for 20 meters and turned onto the main road. At this point the cashier fell off the hood and hit her head on the road, causing her to lose consciousness for a short time and require hospitalization.
Drori acquitted the attacker in a 321-page long ruling in which he quoted from Maimonides and Rabbi Kook regarding the concept of teshuva, or repentance.

I wouldn't want a man like that in Israel's Supreme Court.


mrzee said...

It seems there's a bit more to this story.

Batya said...

thanks so much
I needed to hear more details. I knew that Erdan was just an opportunist.