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Monday, June 8, 2009

Obama, They Love Him Or Hate Him

Report From Golus (The Diaspora, Chu"L, Galut)

I've been here less than a week, and it seems very clear that people either love or hate their new U. S. President Barack Obama. Should I have added his middle name, Hussein? He did at his inauguration.

After I landed I had to go to a bank, and the "Head of Customer Relations" talked politics to me. He does not like, trust or anything very good or positive when it comes to Obama. He also asked me some interesting questions about Jews and Israel:
"Why are American Jews more liberal than Israeli ones?"

I told him that for American Jews life is more theory than real. Liberals don't like facts getting in the way of their dreams. In Israel we have to deal with reality, with the real dangers of war, up front close, very intimate. As a survivor of a terror attack I can't be bothered with fancy words and dreams. I know that the Arabs are out to kill us. The Arab terrorist who knocked me down seriously wounded one and murdered another.

Back to Obama. The Obama worshipers (and that includes member of my family) are totally and utterly enamored with him and his family, including that horrid unflattering dress Michelle wore to the inauguration. I guess it is similar to the Kennedy worship of the early 1960's. That continued to when the airport authorities allowed John-John to fly even though he wasn't fit, which resulted in his crashing, killing himself, his wife and his sister-in-law.

Another person I spoke to about Obama stressed that he has no track record as an administrator, and they don't think his knowledge and experience in finance is suitable to pull the U.S. out of the depression it's now in.
Obama's visit to Egypt and his statements there about the Pseudistinians, are so anti-Israel, I wish that Jews and Israelis would listen carefully. He strongly identifies with them. He claims to "care about Israel," but that's just words, words he must say for political reasons. As usual, I wonder who wrote the speeches, obviously a committee.


Hadassa said...

My husband has a few Obama crazy friends with whom he corresponds. They love Obama, follow him basically blindly and yet they can't explain why they love him or even for what he stands. They are all college educated and articulate. Is there really an Obamam cult?
Thanks for the update from the Old Country. Forewarned is forearmed.

Anonymous said...

"Obama cult" is an understatement.

Netivotgirl said...

Great post Batya-- especially the part explaining American liberal Jews and their living in dreams while here we live in reality.

I wrote some of my "Obama loving" left wing cousins in the U.S.A. after the Cairo visit. Nobody has had the gumption to answer me yet.

Among other things, I wrote, "I hope you're as pleased with him as I am pleased that I DIDN'T vote for him."

Hadassa said...

That was quite a link, Shy Guy.

Keli Ata said...

Worship is exactly the right word to describe this hysteria of Obama adoration. Criticizing him not only brings accusations of racism but of blasphemy.

Why haven't I fell into a swoon over Obama? I'm not particularly saavy politically but I can read right through him and his touchy-feely "We Are the World" mentality and fluff.

Also...I was raised on a diet of horror movies such as The Omen and its many sequels, which describe the typical characteristics of a false messiah and how such false messiahs seduce people.

I just don't understand why so many others adore him.

When I think of Obama two songs come to mind--Ave Satani from The Omen and Cult of Personality from In Living Color.

muse said...

I'm not all that surprised that we all agree on this.
A magazine cover I saw in the supermarket hinted that there was an article about JFK-jr's guilt re the crash. Some people are above the law, even in the USA.

Keli Ata said...

The good thing is that while Obama rose to power based on his celebrity status and treatment the media is known to turn on celebrities given the right controversy--re Britney Spears, Lindsey Lohan, Alec Baldwin.

Obama will slip up big time and the media that created him will destroy him. I don't see him getting elected into a second term.

marcel said...

My dear favorite kitten of Israel ,Batya,

Obama's High Commissioner by Caroline Glick
reveal's how far the U.S. has gone to crush Israel.
The arrogance and degree of meddleing in a sovereign nation by the US is nothing but Satanic,evil to the core.
The fact that Netanyahu has not yet risen up to the occasion and said no to all of this reveals that he is a supine leader at best, part of the tentacled US,EU,UN monster at worst.
If I know the poodle correctly ,his speech tomorrow will be more compromise,appeasment,begging for another bone, and subservience to his master in Washington ,diplomatic surrender.
It's amazing how weak and dependant Israel has become under the process of peace to destruction. The Road Map has severely injured the once powerful Israel. Is the nation even capable of getting back up on her feet under the leadership of another toy poodle who only yaps with great reserve and diplomatic politeness ?
The crafty and stealthy U.S.agenda is as great a threat to the Jews as the Nazis were and we know how Jews who focused on being polite with their exterminators were rewarded for their gentle approach.
The majority of Jews today are in deep denial and would never characterize the U.S as Nazi like because they are naive like their grandparents were, blind deer in the headlights who have learned nothing since they created the empty slogan'NEVER AGAIN' which has proven meaningless.
The stupidity of being diplomatic has failed ,can't you see that ? The world dosn't respect polite,groveling, weak Jews ,only fearless,defiant Jews or dead Jews.
Those who thumb their nose at the US,UN,EU Beast get respect like Sudan,what is their punishemnt for Darfur ?
Turkey refused to allow the US Army to cross it's territory into Iraq and they have much more respect from the U.S.this day than Israel does.
Iran,you don't see the US trampling Iran's sovereignty as they do Israel's with impunity. North Korea with ease stands up to the paper tiger as a weak Susan Rice reveals there are no teeth in the latest U.N. resolution.
A supine Israel get's the ultimatium and the grave from the new and improved Hitler who kills Jews under the guise of peace and polite diplomacy is the response from the gentle Bambi's who think it will have any positive effect.
I know Melek David would not be so timid and fearful as faithless,toothless Israel is today.
I pray for the Lion of Judah to arise because the kittens of Israel still haven't figured out that their death march is well under way.