Saturday, June 20, 2009

And We Thought That Israeli Politicians Are Pathetic...

New York Times columnist Gail Collins should get a job as a comedy writer. Her description of the Republican contenders to run against Obama in 2012 is hysterical.

Here's a taste of it:

Mike Huckabee now has a TV show where he discusses current events, plays with a rock band, sings with the new “American Idol” (“The Huckabee household has been rooting for this guy all season!”) and talks to a “Biggest Loser” trainer on his special feature, “Get Healthy With Huck.” I know Huckabee is pretending to be a candidate for the presidential nomination, but really, I think he’s found his permanent niche.
The two biggest names are Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin, one of whom has too many ideas while the other has no ideas whatsoever. But they are bound by the fact that neither one of them is actually ever going to be nominated for president even if we have another Ice Age and the only Americans left alive are them, Dennis Kucinich and that woman who was Miss California until Donald Trump fired her.
Gingrich’s romantic history makes Senator Ensign look like a monk. (Last time around, we were so hoping that he and Rudy Giuliani would survive till the end of the primaries so we could say the three major Republican contenders had had a total of eight wives.) And he’s basically spent the last decade as a talking head. When it comes to career preparation for a presidential race, the worst two options are mayor of New York City and Fox News guest commentator.
It seems like Obama is made of Teflon, so unless something surprising and earth-shattering happens in the interim, the Republicans don't have a chance to win. So whoever does run against him deserves a medal of bravery.

And the Republicans have over four years to develop/discover their next leader.

Of course, there may be a movement to repeal the amendment limiting presidents to two terms....


goyisherebbe said...

That's a NEW YORK TIMES columnist you are quoting. Not exactly an objective source. Palin is a lot more serious than the left admits, otherwise they wouldn't bother trashing her. The Christian right gets under their skin the same way (lehavdil) we get under the skin of the Israeli leftist media. There will not be a constitutional amendment. There will just be a suspension of the constitution for reason of national emergency and BHO will be declared president for life. Then FEMA and the foreign troops will start rounding up the Jews and Christians and other dissidents. The camps are already prepared. Rav Kahane warned the Jews would have trouble in America sooner or later. Jews, come home!

Kae Gregory said...

In six short months, Obama has taken the U.S. from being the only superpower to being internationally insignificant. There is still some residue of influence, but that is fading with every snub and insult from N. Korea, Iran, Russia, the newly energized terrorists in Iraq and others. Certainly, the military is still powerful, but without strong or supportive allies that power will become more difficult to project or leverage. For that reason, I believe there are fair odds that Obama may be the first President removed from his position.

Batya said...

goyish, I also think that the american left (NYT) and a good part (Bush crowd) fear Palin. She's the only Republican with charisma.
The worship of Obama is dangerous, and Israel is the only foreign country in the awing audience.

Kae, democracy is dangerous. It idiots run things; they're the majority.

Keli Ata said...

Hank Kimball 2012! That's who I am pushing for lol.

Good old Hank Kimball from "Green Acres."

Seeing that so many Americans--Democrats and Republicans--like presidents who dance in circles, can't make definitive statements and have no problem with a president who failed to deliver strong words in response to the Iranian protests similar to Ronald Reagan's "Tear down this wall" or John Kennedy's "I am a Berliner" in support of WESTERN Germany...Hank Kimball seems the perfect choice.

Or at least a Hank Kimball-type since the real one is totally fictional. But at least he's American.

If you can't remember Hank Kimball just do a search on You Tube to watch clips. Hank Kimball could drive people up the wall by dancing around issues and never saying anything.

Maddening though he was, he'd be an improvement over Obama.

That's what Americans seem to want in a president so he'd be an easy transition president.


Personally, I want Rudy Guiliani. His personal life is less than ideal but at least he cares about his country, claims to support Israel, and as a prosecutor is tough tough tough--even in the non-politically correct realm of dealing with Arabs.


Okay. I'm in a silly mood.

Shavua tov everyone:)

Batya said...

Interesting that it's hard to find a real candidate from the right. I don't think Rudy has the stamina to try again. The American Right is split between the Bushies and the xtians.

Kae Gregory said...

Muse: There is Eric Cantor. Many see him as a bright spot for the future. He really needs to showing some leadership though. He has it in him, but I think he is showing deference to some of the current Republican leadership who are no better than the pols on the left (imo).

Keli Ata said...

Muse: I have to agree with you on that. The xtian right has taken over the Republican party with all of its special interests groups and issues so much that the party has alienated a good many conservatives.

Sigh. I only voted for McCain by default as a lesser of two evils. None of the candidates appealed to me. I hope and pray we get some promising candidates for 2012 to beat Obama.

That man has caused more harm in half of his first year than most cause in two terms.

People in the US are no longer Americans but Obamians.

Batya said...

thanks keli

Kae, in my experience, not all good men, (remember the Uzi Landau fiasco) have leadership potential. If pushed too far, you get the Peter's Principle or even worse, a King Saul. People gifted with charisma/leadership can't "hold it in." If he's no glowing with it, he's empty.

Anonymous said...

Hank Kimball?!?!?!?! Well anything's better than Mr. Haney.

There aren't enough 20 dollar bills in circulation for Haney to get elected.

Why not just nominate Lisa Douglas? Dat vay, dehr vood be two hotcakes in every pot, dah'link.

Of course, America would suffer under Lisa from constant electricity outages. Remember, you can plug a 2 viz a 4 and a 1 or a 3 and two 2s but you can't plug in a 1 and a 3 and a 4 or two 3s viz a 2.

Keli Ata said...

Shy Guy!!!!! ROFL!!!!!! Too funny.

Now I have soul searching to do--Hank Kimball has the oratory style that Americans love but Mr. Haney has the financial schemes that liberals love and Lisa, well, she's a foreigner, which Democrats also love in a president...

What's an American to do??

I'm sure I'll be climbing up the telephone pole in Nov. 2012 for advice. Hey! Maybe Mr. Drucker should run as the Republican candidate. He's from Green Acres but not a complete lunatic.

Could work.

Hadassa said...

I can't imagine that Guiliani will run for any office again either. He has more than a few acts to his credit. I can think of three off hand. He cleaned a major amount of crime out of New York with his Zero Tolerance program (which we should try here in a number of areas). He threw the uninvited Arafat out of an event. He rode the no. 18 bus in Jerusalem shortly after a few suicide bus bombing. The latter two might have been photo-ops, but you have to give him credit for doing what most Israeli politicians would never do.
Too bad he didn't groom a successor.

Batya said...

Ahhh... they just don't make politicians like they used to, and they don't make actors like the old ones either. The charisma bulbs burn out too quickly.

Hadassa said...

Muse, the lack of charisma among actors may largely be due to movie hype. It used to be that an actor/actress went out on stage and "commanded a presence". Today, special effects do most of the work. I read an article about that - I can't remember where. Maybe politicians have a similar problem?

Batya said...

For sure, Hadassa, like the teleprompter.