Monday, February 23, 2009

Will We All Pay For U.S. Naivete?

Craig Karpel wrote another of his factual and hard-hitting articles in which he points out how America's movers and shakers are oblivious to the true dangers Iran's nuclear development.

Iran’s satellite launch earlier this month should have been a wake-up call. Instead, the West has reached over and hit the snooze button.

Swift, vigorous measures need to be taken to deal with the new reality that Iranians, who could possess a nuclear weapon by the end of next year, have demonstrated that their Safir 2 rocket, which was used as the launch vehicle, is able to deliver a warhead to southern Europe....

It's the same "not us" mentality that controls the world's attitude towards the Arab terrorists, Hamas=Fatah, which attack Israel and Jews. "The world" thinks that if they let them attack us, then the terrorist appetites will be satiated, and the rest of the world will be safe.

That's a fatal delusion. The terrorist mentality isn't like the modern diet:

"If you have a small bite of something sweet, before you're craving sweets, it will prevent your eating high calorie foods."

"Never let yourself get hungry."

That's why the keep telling Israel to "turn the other cheek."

"If you ignore the terrorists, they'll lose interest and stop attacking you."

Yeah, sure. If you believe that you also believe that better booze and cookies left for Santa will guarantee you better presents.

Of course, actions prove that many Americans don't take the same medicine they're prescribing for Israel. That's why Bush attacked Iraq.

Rather hypocritical... Yes, but that's another story....


Anonymous said...

I think when the west ignores Israel, and agrees to feed her to the alligator, then it sends the message to the Islamic world that she is more than willing to sacrifice her allies.

So, it gives the greater terrorist regime that controls the entire Arab world the impression that after Israel, they can move onto the next target, with little or repercussions from the western world.

It's a defeatist mentality.

The Islamic world knows good and well that the majority of the western world doesn't have the stomach to fight--and that is a tragedy.

Furthermore, I think that the western world (just like the Israeli leftists) actually don't respect the Islamic world. They see it as backwards and nonthreatening... almost like an annoying gnat.

They don't realize the true danger of the situation, and that western civilization is in serious danger if it doesn't show the same sort of will to crush those who desire to annihilate it.

It is a horrible mistake to ignore this threat, and the western world is setting itself up for disaster.

Batya said...

comrade, Yes, you're right. This is very dangerous. And the world hasn't a clue, including many/most Israelis.