Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Cute Little Campaign Ad

Even if you don't understand Hebrew, you'll understand the pictures.

G-d willing the Israeli public will understand the seriousness of the issues.

G-d willing the MK's elected will rule wisely.

And more than all that, I pray that G-d will forgive us.


Shimon said...

I think there is more of a physical resemblance to Livni
(not that i'd vote for Kadima in a million years)

Batya said...

She's certainly no lion of a personality. You can't imagine her fighting for her cubs. Maybe fighting with them?,

Anonymous said...

Batya, have you woken up and smelled the coffee yet? It's bitter.

Batya said...

what? like Starbucks?

Honestly, it's no surprise. Bibi fouled up big by playing "center" instead of going right. Yvette filled in the gaps.