Sunday, February 15, 2009

Two Dimentional, Too Inaccurate

As much as I love Ruthie, she missed the biggest mistake in the media coverage of last week's Israeli elections. All the talk in the media is of Right and Left, even though the two largest parties, Kadima and Likud consider themselves Centrist.

The tragic irony of it all is that the public is mostly Left or Right. Center is a cop-out.

In simple math that means:
Bibi + Tsippi = no principles
other than holding onto their seats
At the recent Jerusalem Confrence, we heard Left wing Ofer-Peenes complaining about the "sixty year olds" going into politics after retiring from their careers. He insisted that politics is a career in itself, and that just because someone is a specialist in another field doesn't mean that he should parachute into high office at the expense of career-politicians.
Politicians who specialize in knowing how to get elected don't know bubkes about the real world. Too bad that Bibi who does know history and economics has traded in that knowledge for election platitudes. Pleasing the media and the world will only backfire.
The world doesn't care what happens to Israel, just like the world didn't care when the Nazis were murdering the six million Jews in Europe. Look at how the UN votes.
We have to think of ourselves first, and that's it. The Israeli Centrist politicians will only make things worse. They don't provide leadership. They just follow dangerous agendas.

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