Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Dry Bones, I Expected A Different Punch Line

Ya'akov, I was certain that you'd have something about Israel, building in the Judea and Samaria or our defending ourselves. I didn't think of the economy at all.

Actually, I wonder how many people do, unless they are personally affected.

Most, in this very credit card world, can avoid reality. The banks are happy to extend credit, for a price. Many people will discover that their "home equity loans" have to be paid back by taking out more, and the bank owns their home plus.

It's only when the bank refuses more loans that people realize how poor they really are.


rickismom said...

I think that the economy is worring everyone. I have had to cut drastically the "extra-curricular" activities that I used to pay for Ricki, and my kitchen repairs were stopped in the middle. I hope I can afford to finish before Pesach. Ricki needs new glasses, and I have to go for a dental check-up. If I need work, I am not sure how I will pay..... And we GET a salary. How Kollel families, or those out of work manage, I have no idea.....
The spector that this recession will be "worse than the great depression" is scary. VERY

Batya said...

Our financial problems are more personal, because of unemployment.