Monday, February 9, 2009

Like Ya'akov Avinu, Our Father Jacob

Elections are a battle.

Before Jacob met his brother/enemy Esau, he prepared.

  • He protected his most beloved, by putting them in the safest place possible.
  • He prepared for battle.
  • He prepared gifts.
  • And he prayed to G-d.
Elections also pit brother against brother. We have many enemies, not only outside of Israel. Esau was Jacob's brother. And the greatest danger to the security of Israel also comes from our family.

The Israeli media no longer even pretends to be objective. It used to be that candidates couldn't appear on the news, and now at this moment Ehud Barak is campaigning on the TV, Channel One. Ichud Le'umi is totally ignored. Likud is considered marginal. Bibi is given a fraction of the time that Kadima and Labor are given. The media is also trying to marginalize Lieberman.

Tomorrow I'll vote, and I'll also pray. Wherever you are, please pray that whoever is elected is given the wisdom to govern wisely.


Netivotgirl said...

Amen! With so many corrupt immoral politicians out there, we really do need to pray! And, go out to vote despite the inclement weather expected tomorrow. Some people abroad would risk their lives for the opportunity to go out and vote. So, we should not only do so, but urge others to do so as well! May tomorrow bring good news to Am Yisrael!

Batya said...