Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Test!

Maybe I should have written in plural, since simultaneously there are more than one test.

The big one, no they're both big, so I'll start again:

Both Tsippi and Bibi are being tested now. It's rather funny that both of them have such child-like names. Neither has a name which inspires confidence.

Bibi has the difficult job of forming a government coalition and then an even more difficult job trying to keep it united for a full Knesset term.

Tsippi's job is to turn her defeat into victory. There are two ways, but both require that she admits defeat. Gil Hoffman of the Jerusalem Post wrote an excellent piece of advice for her. She should use Al Gore as her model. He made peace with his "technical defeat" and is more respected now that he's not in politics. Or Tsippi can take Bibi's offer to join the government and be a mature loyal member, not some Trojan Horse.

As the cliche goes... time will tell.

Shavua Tov
Have a Wonderful Week


Anonymous said...

I can only hope that Kadima gets left to dwell in the opposition.. I don't want her having the ability to force the next expulsion. Hopefully this will at least buy us a few more years (as long as the right wing coalition can stay together that ln=ong). Every year, the right wing voter base grows, and the left's shrinks :-)

Batya said...

Definitely she should be retired. We'll see how soon the Kadima opportunists vote to vote for a new leader.

What frightens me the most is that all the expulsions of Jews in modern Israel were by the Likud.