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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Connected- Kever Rachel and Tel Shiloh

Firstly, Chodesh Tov, May the Month of Adar bring us all joy, true goodness, and may all the bad, all the evil be reversed...

On Monday the Eve of Rosh Chodesh Adar, I traveled to Kever Rachel, which I do quite often. Though recently, I've lamented the fact that Shiloh, Holy Shiloh where one can still scent the fragrant Ketoret, hasn't attracted anything near the visitors who loyally visit Rachel's Tomb.

Last week I got a call from
Evelyn Haies the tireless worker for Kever Rachel, Rachel's Children Reclamation Foundation and the Bnei Rachel Simcha Center at Rachel's Tomb.

So this time I was able to see what she has accomplished. And how she managed to get two young women to help her out.

Then I went in and saw the beautiful place.

Evelyn requested that I bring pictures and more about Shiloh, and I hung them up.

There's even a synagogue, so there can be prayers for Kohanim who are forbidden to enter tombs. The building is also used for celebrations.

I hope for more opportunities to go there.
And today was our monthly Women's Prayers at Tel Shiloh. I had been wrroried that I wouldn't make it, because I had been sick, so I made a few phone calls and found someone who was going down by car.
Adar is the most beautiful time in Israel. The wild flowers bloom.

Even a drought year like this one is green. When you're at Tel Shiloh, the spirit is so different from Kever Rachel. Here's we're part of nature, part of G-d.

One of my neighbors told us a short Dvar Torah, that the Ketoret, the fragrant incense used in the Mishkan, Tabernacle prayers was the last thing man had to produce for G-d. It's made up of many herbs, some sweet and some sharp. Just like the Jewish people ציבור Tzibbur congregation-community, צ- Tzaddikim righteous, ב beinoniim ordinary people, in between, ר rashaiim evil people.

I then pointed out that the Ketoret is not restricted. Like G-d it's every place. We feel its presence in Shiloh. We're not walled in.

G-d willing, we'll be back for Rosh Chodesh Nissan, Thursday March 26, 9:30am.

Of course one can go to Tel Shiloh any time, not just Rosh Chodesh. For more information, contact the Tel Shiloh Tourist Office 02-994-4019 or telshilo@gmail.com


Anonymous said...

Dear Batya and girls,
Your visit to Beit Bnei Rachel, the only Jewish owned property within the Rachel Tomb Walled Complex has made a real difference to Rachels children Reclamation Foundation. Your placing of the beginning of a Shilo panel for our Museum of Jewish Aliyah has inspired others to portray the history and beauty of their communities. We are awaiting a panel of the 4 holy cities, a Beit El panel and a Mount of Olives panel. I believe that Ima Rachel is smiling to see not only the shiurim, the Tu BShvat Seder and the planning of the Purim Seuda on March 10This morning, Rosh chodesh Adar we read the Sefer Torah scroll in our Beit Medrash. Although our trees are not yet flourishing outside and we have not made our large backyard into a beautiful garden, the voices of the Beit Orot talmudim davening filled our house with sweetness. The truth is in the love and devotion the boys have to Torah, Jewish borders and pure good. It is so nice to see Shiloh and all Rachels Children connected in Beit Bnei Rachel. Let us share more Rosh Chodeshs and simchas.

Batya said...

Thank you Evelyn. You're a true inspiration. We're looking forward to welcoming you in Shiloh.