Friday, February 20, 2009

The Slow Wheels of Justice

It seems like "a million years ago..."

Pre-Disengagement, Nadia Matar felt taken back in time when she read the official letter by Yonatan Bassi to the families of Gush Katif. It so profoundly echoed letters Jews in Nazi Germany had received before losing their homes.

Nadia, who established WIG Women in Green with her mother-in-law Ruth, wrote about her feelings of deja vu.

Ever since, she has been embroiled in a court case for "insulting a public official."

The Israeli establishment is extremely selective in how it permits Nazi and Holocaust symbols and examples and comparisons to be used. There are some very general rules:

  • The Left may use them against the Right or religious Jews
  • The Right and religious are forbidden to see comparisons
  • Pro-Land of Israel Jews can't use Nazi symbols

When the Jews of Gush Katif put stars on their clothes reminiscent of what Jews in Nazi Germany had to wear, the official "survivor" groups were horrified, even though some of the Gush Katif Jews were themselves "survivors."

Many of those who were forced out of their homes in Gush Katif find the term "DP," Displaced Person, the most accurate for their status, but again, since it was used by survivors post WWII, there are protests.

It's three and a half years since Disengagement, and the case against Nadia is still going on, in fits and starts. There was a hearing this week; I'll post the report at the end. And the next one won't be until mid-June.

The "caravillas," those cardboard houses so quickly assembled for the Disengagement DP's are rapidly disintegrating. I wonder what will take longer, the trial or the life of those "structures."

Press Release

Summation of the Magistrates' Court session
State of Israel v. Nadia Matar, who is charged with "insulting a public servant"
(Yonatan Bassi),today, Thursday, Feb. 19, 2009

before Justice Mintz
criminal proceedings 001470/06

present: Adv. Yoram Sheftel, representing the defendant, and the defendant herself
Adv. Erez Padan, representing the prosecution

This morning Nadia Matar admitted to the facts of the charge sheet, without admitting guilt.
(i.e. Nadia admitted she wrote the letter to Yonatan Bassi)

In order to prove her innocence, the defense attorney Adv. Yoram Sheftel stated his desire to examine Yonatan Bassi, in order to prove from Bassi's answers under cross-examination that the charge sheet should be canceled "on the grounds of justice."

The prosecuting attorney Adv. Erez Padan asked the Court to convict Nadia Matar , based on her admission to the facts in the charge sheet. The court rejected his request, in light of the defense attorney's statement of his intent to examine Yonatan Bassi.

Adv. Yoram Sheftel further stated that, as part of the defense, he intends to call Attorney-General Menahem Mazuz to deliver testimony in court, along with former State Attorney Eren Shender, who, too, will be asked to testify in court.

The Court rejected the prosecutor's request to immediately convict Nadia Matar , and ordered Yonatan Bassi to present himself to give testimony in the Court in its next session, on June 16, 2009, at 1 p.m.
For details please call Attn Yoram Sheftel at 03-7515001


Anonymous said...

Dejavu is exactly how I'd feel. You (Nadia Matar) said it perfectly. And to think: I used to be a major detractor of her. I thought she was too radical. I'm coming to my senses I guess...

Batya said...

"too radical?"
oy, she's brilliant.

Anonymous said...

The whole "case" against Nadia is such a blight on the claims that Israel is a democracy. She really has such a wonderful soul. I pray Hashem gives her strength. He never forgets those who cleave to the covenant, and speak truth!

Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly, I have vested money in this defense case.

There are so many. I've lost track. :(

Batya said...

comrade, yes, I agree

shy, is that a hint of your identity?

Anonymous said...

If I'm the only person who has ever sent in a modest check to Nadia Matar's defense fund, then the mask is off.

But me thinks I'm not alone.

Batya said...

I guess that makes you one of the crowd, Shy. At least you support the right gals.