Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday #2 Update: Moshe Avitan (Moshe Rafael ben Aliza A'isha)

Here's the latest update from Moshe's mother-in law. Baruch Hashem, it looks like he'll soon be starting an entirely new stage in his recovery, thank G-d.

Dear Relatives and Friends,

Well, the "baby step" of today is that Moshe got dressed for the first time in almost two weeks. I think that it made him feel more of a person and less of a "case"!

He had a whole round of checkups today and the verdict seems to be that he will possibly be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Whether to his home or to a half-way, rehab home we're not sure yet. I'll keep you posted.

Of course, getting discharged from the hospital is only the beginning of the next part of the road to recovery. He will have to have more checkups and do certain physiotherapy. However, if Moshe and Sarah and their daughters can get into some sort of normal life again I think it will help all of them.

The questions are still there over his eyesight. It has definitely improved - he can recognize (with a bit of difficulty) pictures on a digital camera - but we need to see how it progresses. Everything still seems very blurred to him. Only time will tell. We just have to keep on praying.

Hoping to continue to give you positive updates.

All the best,


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