Monday, February 23, 2009

"How do you report ballot stuffing?"

I thought the driver was going to lose control of the car. A voice from the backseat had piped up with the question. It was a big, crowded van, and I couldn't even see who was talking.

Apparently, someone who had taken the call of Likud to supervise voting stations in Arab towns was troubled by the experience.

There was obvious cheating by people with "non-standard" and multiple Identity Cards. The person talking was even offered a "tit for tat."

"Let's go 50-50, your party and mine."

The organizers of this operation didn't think it through. It ended up being more a smokescreen to protect the cheating. Only one person was sent to each location, and most of the police were Arabs. It was made clear that "cooperation" was pikuach nefesh, life preserving. Even worse, there was no post-election debriefing. A debriefing should have enabled the workers to report violations and help with all the bureaucracy and subsequent follow-up.

For me this was deja vu, having heard a similar story about the previous Israeli Elections.

People should be suspicious about the results of the polls in the Arab towns and cities. During Election Day the media kept reporting the quiet, how few people were seen going into vote. But when the results were counted, the percentage was surprisingly high. The media can't imagine why. Can you?

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