Friday, September 12, 2008

WWII--US Didn't Aim To Save Jews

More information has been revealed to prove that FDR had no plans to save Jews during World War II.

It didn't bother or concern any country in the world that the Nazis were systematically murdering millions of Jews and others.

Individual soldiers felt differently, looking at the war from close-up and seeing people.

...the American airmen "were never told by their commanders that they were flying over a mass-murder camp."

Senator George S. McGovern, who was a pilot in the U.S. Air Force during World War II, said in a recent interview with filmmaker Stuart Erdheim of the Wyman Institute that if his commanders had asked for volunteers to bomb the death camp, "whole crews would have volunteered." According to McGovern, the pilots and crewmen would have recognized the importance of trying to save the lives of Hitler's Jewish captives, even if it meant risking their own lives on a hazardous bombing raid.

Shabbat Shalom


Avi said...

And Ahmadinejad is going to speak again in NY.

Esau hates Yaakov. That is a law.

Daniel said...

You can't just blame FDR no matter how anti-semitic he was. If the then American Jewish community protested and rallied(400 rabbis and Bergsonites aside) the way they have for civil rights, gay rights, transsexual rights, abortion rights, anti vietnam, anti-bomb, etc and had been more concerned with saving Jews than having gentile grandkids and dancing the hora to the New Deal, maybe FDR might have cared.

Batya said...

bk, are the Jews there protesting? Is anyone?

daniel, true, just like the Jews in Germany accepted the "restrictions," the Jews in other places were silent.