Sunday, September 28, 2008

If Only It Was "Standup"

Davka, Frum Satire, one of jblogging's top standup comedians, has a post plugging a book about how Jews do well in business. It even has a youtube recommendation, including a few words by a guy named John Birch, if that's his real name. (For those whose memories don't go back as far as mine, The John Birch Society is considered a far right, anti-communist, libertarian American organization.)

Now, if I did or wrote standup, I'd have fun comparing intelligent, successful business negotiation skills and tactics with what successive Israeli Governments have offered our enemies.

Our country doesn't sound too intelligent when it offers vital land to a bunch of terrorists who aren't embarrassed to tell the world that its aim, its dream, is our destruction, G-d forbid.

Even more ridiculous, and I'm sure if some Theater of the Absurd playwright would go to a producer with such a script, he'd be told that it's too unbelievable to be put on stage, is the fact that giving our Land to the terrorists has been tried in the past. All it accomplishes is making it easier for the terrorists to attack us. But the Israeli politicians, cheered on by the media, just keep on trying.

It could be very funny, if written and performed by the right people. Maybe a version is played in Damascus.

But here in Israel, in our Biblical HolyLand it's no joke. It's a nightmare. I hope to wake up and find out that Olmert was never Prime Minister, Gush Katif is still Jewish, and Arik Sharon has destroyed the terrorist strongholds.


Ehav Ever said...

I also hope that either day will come when we can wake up from the nightmare of these politicians, or maybe, just maybe, we can figure out some way to shine the right light in their faces to open their eyes. In any case the struggle continues.

תכתבי בספר החיים ובספר הזכרון

Batya said...

ee, amen and thanks

Anonymous said...

The John Birch has been much maligned since its founding in 1958.It is an organization promoting limited govrnment under the Constitution. It supports a non-interventionalist foreign policy.

It welcomes into its membership people from all racial and religious backgrounds.

Long before anyone outside of Austria knew who Kurt Waldheim was, The John Birch Society exposed him for the Nazi officer he was. It has also written numerous articles about the terrorist background of Yasar Arafat long before he got his Nobel Peace Prize. To learn more, visit their website

Batya said...

Thanks for the extra information.