Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Misplaced Sympathy

In the aftermath of the latest Arab terror attack in Jerusalem, IBA's Chanel One kept broadcasting the terrorist's father's rant accusing the hero who killed the terrorist a murderer.

The Arab media admit that the terrorist was a terrorist and deny the father's and Israeli media's fiction that he was a frustrated little boy. Is "horny" going to join "twinkies" as an excuse for murder?

It was a similar scene to the Arab terror attack when I was injured. The terrorist aimed his car, a very dangerous weapon, at the Israelis and rammed into them.

The Israeli media isn't doing any good by constantly sympathizing with our enemies.

There is no excuse for terrorism!

The terrorist's family should be kept out of the news. Destroy their homes and business and fire them from their jobs, and they'll keep their children away from terrorist influence.

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