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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

What's The Big Deal?

Even the New York Times has a little opinion snippet about how being US Prez is lots easier than running a big corporation.

Remember there's a standing/existing staff one inherits. Household responsibilities are a cinch, since there's a ready-hired staff for the house which goes with the job. There are lots of cleaning, cooking and clerical staff--and don't forget the maintenance people. All that's covered, like in a good hotel.

If you need to chill out by driving around alone, then you have a "camp" to go to. Of course, being alone is one of the toughest things, unless you just close yourself off in one of the lesser-used bedrooms. And you don't have to pay for all the furniture or paint jobs.

Of course the easiest job is veep, like being "kept" for special occasions. Just don't gain weight. Housing is covered, too. It's sort of like a short-term Prince Philips, but unlike the prince, the veep is on call to take over, if something happens to the president.

If the McCain-Palin ticket wins, I think Sarah will be bored out of her mind.

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