Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't "Project," Check The Polls

At the International Jewish Blogging Conference we listened to a spokesperson from the government who told us they were trying to "rebrand Israel," meaning use public relations tools to get the world to think of us as a fun, safe place. It would help, if they started closer to home considering that "61 percent of Israeli Jews have a negative image of the Middle East."

Unfortunately, many people, including the government, media etc make their policies according to their perception/guess of what the other person is probably thinking, which is really how they themselves see the world, projection.

Not all people, nor all societies think alike. It takes a "special kind" of culture to produce and praise suicide bombers, terrorists who turn themselves into weapons to murder and commit suicide simultaneously. The Arabs in Israel and YESHA support this sort of "protest" and even mothers are proud of their children who kill innocent Israeli Jews in that method.

Therefore, I consider it important to listen to what our enemies say, rather than the "interpretations" of the politicians, diplomats and media. Here you can read the results of a recent poll. Here's an example:
38) If a peace agreement is reached and a Palestinian state is established and recognized by Israel, how soon do you think full reconciliation between the two people will be achieved?
43.1% 1) Reconciliation is not possible ever
21.2% 2) Only in many generations to come
7.4% 3) Only in the next generation
9.0% 4) Only in the next decade
11.4% 5) In the next few years
7.9% 6) DK/NA

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