Thursday, September 25, 2008

Kever Rachel--Jammed!

I try to stay away from the jam, since it has so many calories and is bad for my teeth, but I have no control over traffic jams. Wasn't yesterday enough?

Today, again. This time I was on my way to Kever Rachel, and they wouldn't let our bus in.

Nothing personal, the other buses weren't going in either. Yes, people complained.
Finally, we got fed up and tried getting rides in the small private vehicles, since they were getting in. No success.
We could see the sun going down. We were getting close to the time when it would be too late for Mincha, the afternoon prayer.
Buses, buses everywhere, but where we wanted to be.

Now, should I leave you in suspense?


Anonymous said...

Was that Egged 163 bus not bulletproof?

Batya said...

t, very sharp of you to notice. But I guess, your blogging haitus prevented you from seeing Kever Rachel, Not For The Two-Wheeler. Things are changing here.