Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Obama, Boring And Elitist

I got a kick out of this New York Times article which tried to spin that Obama's debating style can really be improved. The writer got it right here:

Mr. Obama has a tendency to overintellectualize and to lecture, befitting his training as a lawyer and law professor. He exudes disdain for the quips and sound bites that some deride as trivializing political debates but that have become a central part of scoring them. He tends to the earnest and humorless when audiences seem to crave passion and personality. He frequently rises above the mire of political combat when the battle calls for engagement.

Broder's mistake is that he thinks Obama can be coached out of these problems. He, like most Obama fans, ignores the fact that Obama was not raised with ordinary Americans. And Obama, after his rather unconventional childhood, studied in a cosmopolitan university. That's not a sin, but it does make it difficult for him to relate to ordinary Americans. This has nothing to do with Obama's skin color.

If Obama had inherited his mother's skin color, he wouldn't be the Democratic Nominee for the US Presidency. He probably wouldn't even be Clinton's Veep.

Today, Obama's a novelty. Maybe he can develop the maturity, knowledge and skills to be a good president for the United States, in the future, but now he's too dependent on his advisers. That's very dangerous, America.


B.BarNavi said...

So is Obama a smarmy intellectual elitist or a simpleton who surrounds himself with advisors?

Speaking of simpletons, we all know the last time we picked someone we "wanted to have a beer with". The fact of the matter is, the US NEEDS a leader that it at least perceives to be "smarter than us".

Batya said...

There's smarter and there's smarter. An elitist doesn't relate to your ordinary person and ordinary problems. You need a president who understands that America is more than the people he hangs out with.

It's not yet clear who Obama's real backer is.