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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Try to digest all this, please

I don't have time to put all these points together, so you'll have to digest it yourselves. Please, "comment" your feelings if you wish.

Don't give 'em guns
Prime Minister Ehud Olmert wishes to boost Palestinian President Abbas. President George W. Bush also wishes to strengthen him. The approach chosen to achieve this ...Full story
Yossi Beilin

Winograd panel seeks IDF cooperation against court
Committee members attempt to enlist IDF officers in legal struggle to postpone testimony release.

PM wooing top leftists ahead of release of Winograd report
Olmert meets with leading left-wing intellectuals to discuss his diplomatic plans, Israel's political situation.

The Other Peres Shimon Peres doesnt have a monopoly on interesting experiences. His wife Sonia served as a truck driver in the British Army in Egypt during World War II
Ayelet Negev

Chodesh Iyyar Tov!
Have a good month!

In the Jewish month of Iyyar, 40
years ago, the Jewish People called out to G-d to save the State of Israel from
certain destruction, and G-d answered our prayers. We were victorious in
the Six Days War, and our Biblical Homeland was liberated.

Unfortunately, the Jewish People
have rejected G-d's gift. We must repent and settle the Land He gave

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