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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Innocent Jews, Political Pawns

King Solomon was right when he wrote repeatedly in Kohelet, Ecclesiastes that "nothing's new."

That's how I feel reading about the pseudo-moral mechanizations in modern Hebron. The idealistic Jews are just innocent pawns. Hebron is the location of the first Jewish Cemetery when Abraham bought the land in order to bury his wife, Sarah.

Since Biblical times, Jews have been living in Hebron. There were times when foreign rulers kept it Judenrien, even though our connection is well-documented from ancient times. Actually, the meaning of the word חברון Chebron is "connection" or "connector," from לחבר l'chaber, to connect.

The building which is grabbing the headlines is named שלום Peace. Maybe the political fights within the coalition about it will result in true peace.

As it is, struggling Defense Minister Peretz has gotten it into his head that his political renaissance, even survival, rests on the banishment of Jews from the building and the destruction of independent Jewish life in the hills of Judea and Samaria, G-d forbid.

What about civil and national rights for Jews? Not in his list of priorities.

PM Olmert is no "tzaddik," righteous man, when it comes to Jewish Life in the Land of Israel, but sources say that he's against the the evacuation. I find it very interesting that YESHA turncoat, Kadima MK Otniel Schneller is a strong supporter of Jewish Life in Hebron. I haven't been able to discover why, and I'd be grateful for the information.

Attorney General Mazuz is uncharacteristically playing it safe by announcing that the residents can go to court and let the judges decide.

Political pundits are predicting that Peretz will go first, since the Labor primaries are in just over a month, and he's trailing in the polls. The two leaders former PM Barak and Ami Ayalon haven't taken a stand on the issue. They're hoping to get the votes of those who oppose everything that Peretz wants. If it comes to a run-off between the two, then they'll have to take stands, different ones, I'd guess, but one never knows in Israeli politics.

And in the meantime, back in Hebron, good Jews are building neighborhoods in the city. The freedom to buy, build and flourish which we have in any other "modern democratic country," doesn't exist for Jews here in Israel.

You doubt me? Ask the refugees from Gush Katif and Northern Shomron.


KennewickMusing said...

I just posted to this, but there was a snafu.

It seems to me the logical thing is for some honest investigative reporter to dig in and follow the money. Both in Israel and the US.

It seems to me that is what's driving this destruction of our countries from within.

I'd bet my home on that.

Batya said...

blogger's like that

So you also see a deterioration in the states?

beakerkin said...

Sorry about my delay Batya. I have upset some Commies by being blunt.

The reality is Islam is a totalitarian faith. The notion of freedom exists only on the backs of dhimmis. People view Islam within the context of their own religion and it just is not a valid starting point.

Batya said...

good point

beakerkin said...

One of the oddities is far left people are upset at what they feel is the level of venom at my site. I am a survivor of the 93 WTC blast and an eyewitness to 9-11.

I will never forget that Saturday after 9-11. The city was stunned and a vile smell of burning evil lingered in the air. Father Judge the first dead man in the 9-11 attacks was on his way to being burried as a hero. Most of us were wondering who we knew who was gone as the estimate was 15,000 dead.

The Communists held a Nuremberg style rally in Union Square Park. They blamed everyone except the actual culprits and mostly the Jews.

My blood was boiling and I was itching for payback. I told my girlfriend I had some business to attend to and I would meet her in the appartment. She must have detected something and said "I am not returning without you". I looked at her and she was not going to budge. I went back to the appartment as ultimately my first duty was to her.

These people want to spread teason, anti Americanism, anti-semitism and pointless death and wonder why I could care less about what they think if they think at all

Batya said...

Terror changes us. I know it did to me.
One of the worst things about the left-wing extremists is that they call themselves "liberal," while in actuality, they're the least tolerant and the most totalitarian.
John Lennon's "Imagaine" told people not to be loyal to their countries.