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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Transitions aren't always beautiful

Dawns and sunsets are usually very beautiful, with glorious spectrums of color. The key word here is "usually."

Here in Israel the transition between winter and summer is sometimes grey and depressing.

Usually, when I focus my camera on the west at the end of the day, I photograph gorgeous colors. Not now. Dawn and dusk are dull at best, and sometimes even frightening.

seasons changing
Is Israeli society also going through some sort of winter to summer transition?

Shimon Peres is the last of the politicians who was involved in pre-state activities and is still active. But unlike most, he denies the importance of history. (hat tip Israel and The Sin of Expulsion)

Emotionally healthy and successful people are always learning from the past, building on it and going forward. What horrors await a country and people who only think of the here and now?

Nobody lives forever, and even Shimon Peres will die someday.

Forty years after the Six Days war, Israeli society is beginning to resemble that pre-war time, when it looked like the struggling young country was about to fold.

A popular joke ended with:

Will the last person leaving, please turn out the lights?

Our 59th Anniversary statistics included the depressing fact that some statisticians claim that more Israelis are leaving than immigrants are arriving.

Contrary to the first 19 years of the state, today, Israel is one of the most modern and technically advanced nations on the earth. Materially, we are on par if not higher than western Europe. People come from the third world to work and save money.

The Left wing and the media (actually one and the same) have been predicting a "civil war." They demonize the most patriotic sector of society.

That's how they motivate the police to attack the innocent.

Israeli society is now in a stage of transition. It is up to us whether Redemption is next.

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