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Sunday, April 8, 2007

Nothing's ever as expected, or Not what the doctor ordered

As much as I admire and respect MK Dr. Arye Eldad, MD, one of the most gifted plastic surgeons in the world and probably the most honest Israeli Knesset Member, I wonder if his predictions (full article here and excerpts below) about Israel's future are correct. (hat tip, dg)

Israel will be at war by summer, a prominent opposition member of the Israeli Knesset told NewsMax in an exclusive interview this week.

"We have no choice. We will have to do it," said Dr. Arieh Eldad, member of the opposition National Union Party.
Iran is behaving on a state level as a suicide bomber behaves on the personal level, Dr. Eldad said. "The Iranian regime is willing to sacrifice millions of their own people just to beat the Big Satan [the United States] and the Small Satan [Israel]."
"If Israel is left alone and the point of no return [in Iran's nuclear weapons program] arrives, then Israel will have to do the job. But most probably we will not be able to do it with conventional warheads. And this is something the world should know."
Few in Israel expect the current government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to last for long.
Dr. Eldad expects that the Olmert government will fall in the next few weeks, either from the corruption scandals or as a result of the Vinograd Commission findings.

While Olmert's ruling Kadima party will try to cobble together another coalition, Dr. Eldad believes they will fail.

"I expect new elections within a few months. And that's what Israel really needs, for the preparation of the next war," he said.

In Israel, the wars come when they're not expected, and, with the exception of Ehud Barak, rotten governments stick to their seats longer than anybody in their right mind would want or predict.

Israelis are looking for a leader who inspires, comforts and gives confidence that everything will be fine. Prophets of doom are never elected to high office. That's human nature. Former patients of Dr. Eldad report that he showed those characteristics to them. The doctor must heal the nation or the nation will buy more snake oil.

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