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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Insanity? Yes, delusional!

Maybe it can be considered a version of the Stockholm Syndrome, this irrational and dangerous obsession of Jews and Israelis to be liked/loved/accepted by the rest of the world.

Maybe that's why most of European Jewry followed the various edicts of the Nazis until it was too late. Maybe that's why the rest of World Jewry of the time didn't protest in every way possible until America and its allies would militarily stop the Nazi civil discrimination and later murder of European Jewry.

"L'havdil," that's why halachot, Jewish Laws, like tzniyut, modesty, and married women's hair covering were ignored for generations. Jews, in general, have always wanted to please the goyim more than pleasing G-d.

No matter what we do, the world will hate us, so why bother. Recent polls prove it.

The more we twist and bend and try to adapt and deny, the less they like us and the less they respect us, and honestly--WHO CARES?!

There's only one Being we have to please
Hu baShamayim u'b'Aretz!
He's in the Heavens and in the Earth!

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