Sunday, April 15, 2007

"Lots of people talk, but Yossi did things."

הרבה אנשים מדברים, אבל יוסי עשה

"Lots of people talk, but Yossi did things."

That was a direct quotation from one of the speakers at Yossi Shuker's funeral today. I hope to get the pictures posted, later. There seems to be trouble with photobucket.

Unfortunately I can honestly say that I've been to lots of funerals here in Shiloh, and some were enormous. But Yossi's was the first time we had so many people at a funeral of someone who hadn't been murdered.

Without news headlines, hundreds of people came from all over to show their respect for Yossi Shuker, ZaTza"L. Consider that for the past six years, Yossi had been unable to do much. Much!? Yossi had been totally paralyzed, bedridden and unconscious for the most part.

Anyone else would have had been long forgotten, but not Yossi. It's a tribute, not only to him but his "aishet chaiyil," Ronit that Yossi's spirit stayed so strong. And I must say that many of those at the funeral came to comfort Ronit and their children.

During these difficult years, Ronit not only cared for their children, but she visited Yossi daily, worked at Midresheset Bina, in Shvut Rachel and kept their olive oil business going. And she was always with a happy smile.

HaMakom Y'Nachem, May G-d comfort them


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