Tuesday, June 20, 2006

yoo hoo, hello there

A careful reading of my "counter," and I discovered a post on Simply Jews analyzing some of my musings.

Here's my reply:
Thanks for the serious reading and the links, of course. If someone had told me a few years ago that I'd be coming out against democracy and other holy pc cows, I wouldn't have had believed it.
Remember the scud missile attacks of the Gulf War, a peculiar situation when the US attacked Iraq, and Iraq then bombed Israel? In Israel hardly an injury, and of course the hundreds of Arab bombs on Gush Katif, ditto. Then one scud on American barracks and a couple of dozen US soldiers killed.
That irrational element was G-d, and that's why the spies weren't supposed to think pragmatically.


SnoopyTheGoon said...

I was kinda disarmed by your comment on my blog, Batya. The expected reply was supposed to be the same fire and brimstone one, so...

However, the problem remains. Your tendency to shoot from the hip is alarming, especially since you represent a good slice of our brethren. Just some time ago you bitterly complained and berated the Chief Justice Barak for his supposedly totalitarian control of the country, now you are espousing a disctatorship (vaguely defined) for same country.

Views like yours, especially in case of a person with access to more media than many (Arutz 7) are dangerous. I hope that you do not teach our children in this vein.


Batya said...

Barak's dictatorship is based on his "opinion of the week." I don't think a true Jewish nation is of the same ilk.

I teach my students that there's a difference between teachers and them. There must be a chair at the teacher's desk, and I expect it to be waiting for me empty, not with one of them sitting there, with all their stuff cluttering the teacher's desk. Is that a totalitarian regime?