Monday, June 26, 2006

What is "moral?"

There's a strange, disturbing perversity in this morning's news. Newspapers tell us that Arabs attacked our soldiers, killing two and capturing one, and the police are busy delivering restraining orders to "right wing activists." Does it make any sense?

At the same time, PM Olmert and the Israeli Government brag about the Israel Defense Forces being "the most moral army." What is "moral?"

According to The Free Dictionary it means:
mor·al (môrl, mr-)
1. Of or concerned with the judgment of the goodness or badness of human action and character: moral scrutiny; a moral quandary.
2. Teaching or exhibiting goodness or correctness of character and behavior: a moral lesson.
3. Conforming to standards of what is right or just in behavior; virtuous: a moral life.
4. Arising from conscience or the sense of right and wrong: a moral obligation.
5. Having psychological rather than physical or tangible effects: a moral victory; moral support.
6. Based on strong likelihood or firm conviction, rather than on the actual evidence: a moral certainty.

I highlighted a couple of the terms in the definition; they're problematic.

  • First of all "the sense of right and wrong" is highly subjective, since it's not based on G-d given standards. The people professing to be experts in "right and wrong" do not give G-d or the Torah, or anything besides their own feelings, as their source.
  • Second is that they're basing their concept of morality on "conviction," not on any actual "evidence."

Putting this together, we see that there is no real pragmatic, rational, logical value in the morality so strongly worshiped by the Israeli establishment.

Looking carefully at the facts as they are rapidly showing that this "morality" is seriously endangering the country. The truth is that no other country and at no other time has any society followed this "morality."

The United States, which is so worshipped by the "moral elite" of Israel, does not follow those principles. The United States does what is good for the United States without apologies, without thinking twice. When it decided that Sadaam Hussein was its mortal enemy it attacked Iraq, bombing it, killing thousands, without compunction.

At present, Israel is cursed by the dominance of followers of this perverse morality. The Free Dictionary defines perverse as:

per·verse (pr-vûrs, pûrvûrs)
1. Directed away from what is right or good; perverted.
2. Obstinately persisting in an error or fault; wrongly self-willed or stubborn.
a. Marked by a disposition to oppose and contradict.
b. Arising from such a disposition.
4. Cranky; peevish.


[Middle Enperverseervers, from Old French, from Latin perversus, past participle of pervertere, to pervert; see pervert.]


For our survival we must replace the perverse morality with true Torah values.

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Anonymous said...

I certainly agree with you about this issue. in Hebrew, we say, the thief's hat is burning, which means that as much as a person, who is doing something illicit, tries not to attract attention, he still attracts attention because of his inherent difference. Usually, countries under attack, do not make pronouncements about how moral they are. And so, raising this issue, just points to the question that they would like to avoid. in fact, it is terribly immoral to neglect your own citizenry in order to care about the citizens of an enemy country. I think I don't have to point out how enthusiastic the common people among the pals are, about every attack on the Jews. They give away candy when a Jew gets killed. And so, if some of them fall victims to our efforts to combat terrorists, I for one, do not grieve. And I say again, to restrain our army when missiles are aimed at an Israeli city is out and out immoral. Give them hell, Batya!