Friday, June 9, 2006

some brave Jews

It's good to know that there are a few brave Jews willing to battle the government.

Gush Etzion Protestors Dodge Police Stun Grenades, Skirt Barrier

12:42 Jun 09, '06 / 13 Sivan 5766

( Hundreds of demonstrators Friday morning dodged four stun grenades thrown by border police as they demonstrated on the east Gush Etzion-Jerusalem road that the military has closed to Jews. The two crowds from Har Homa to the north and Tekoa to the south managed to break through barbed wire barriers and meet each other on the road, where the normal travel time to the capital is eight minutes.

Residents have been forced to use the Efrat-Jerusalem tunnel highway, where travel time in the morning rush hour takes up to two hours, partly because of army checkpoints and construction for the separation barrier.

Gush Etzion residents expressed fears that the barrier is a prelude to expulsions of Jews from Tekoa and neighboring east Gush Etzion communities.


Anonymous said...

Kol haKavod to the proud Judeans!!!

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